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  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to swap a Sierra steering wheel for a Silverado? My GMC wheel is very worn and the buttons are very sticky.(I assume from someone cleaning it with something they shouldn't have). I can find plenty of Silverado wheels. I assume physically they will fit, but as far as the GMC air bag fitting and wiring being the same. Also, I assume non heated steering wheels don't have the heating element built into the wheel, just no switch?
  2. Just wondering what kind of deals people are getting on leftover 2017 Tahoe’s and Yukon’s? Thinking about trading my 2016 Sierra 1500 Denali in on one.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I asked in a chat session on the GMC website, and she couldn't give me a clear answer. She just said the 15% off can't be combined with "some" offers. She couldn't confirm if the private offer was compatible or not. She told me to contact the dealer I am working with and ask them.
  4. I'm looking to seal a deal on a new Denali, and the dealer won't go below the 15% off that is advertised. If anyone gets a GMC private offer and doesn't need it PM me and I will give you my info. I'm looking to get this deal done Saturday so I have a few days. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. Jeff Petersen
  5. I see some Denali's are advertised 15% off. Laura has some 20% off. I wonder if any of my local dealers would knock anymore off of the 15% advertised?
  6. I was thinking about ordering the all weather floor mats. Let me know what you want for them.
  7. My dealer informed me today that the 6.2l is still on constraint. I haven't placed an order yet, but he couldn't guarantee I could get a 2016 with a 6.2l.
  8. My dealer notified me today that May 11th would be the last day he could place an order for a crew cab. He also said the 6.2l is still on constraint and may not be able to get it. Haven't heard about 2017 changes yet.
  9. Thanks! Looks like I have about a week to decide since I am wanting a crew cab. I wish I knew of any changes coming for the 17's.
  10. Wondering if anybody knew the last day when we could order a 2016? Thinking about waiting to see what changes are made for the 2017 before I order.
  11. Currently working on a deal. Ordering a Denali soon.
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