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  1. What are y'all paying for install these days? First shop I reached out to quoted me $600+ with an alignment, and that's if I supply the shocks.
  2. They ran the same deal a month or so ago when I ordered my RGs, by far the best deal out there. I had never used TireBuyer before so I swung by the local shop I planned on using prior to ordering. Just out of curiousity, I had them price out the same tires and they were $70 higher per tire! Shipping was quick and the shop had me in and out quickly.
  3. Stock height. Ive been so busy I haven’t had a chance to crawl under and look for signs of rubbing. The only time I think there may have been even the slightest hint of a rub was at full lock on reverse.
  4. I picked up a set of Nitto Ridge Grapplers a couple of weeks back and have been nothing but impressed. Truck is still stock height, so I went with the P rated 275/60r20s, I believe that's a big as you can go in the P rated. Not even 1000 miles on them, so I can't speak to anything long term, but so far I've found them to be super quiet (not as quiet as stock, but just about), and fantastic in both dry and wet conditions.
  5. After upgrading to 275/60r20s last week, I'm hoping for a year end blow out on 5100s as well. Don't seem to need the extra height, but an inch or so certainly wouldn't hurt, right? Also, totally unrelated to this post, but are you the same 2kwik4u from way back on SSF?
  6. Managed to break the back panel on my OEM folding cover. Can't tell it from the outside, but when you flip it up you can see the cracks and they are getting worse, so it'll only be a matter of time until it starts to sag. Has anyone ever replaced just a panel?
  7. I'm not too worried about the size, seems that just about everyone who has tried to run this size without a level has been fine. I'm more interested in the tires themselves. Just pulled the trigger on a set, should have them mounted up in the next week or so.
  8. Team, Is anyone running the P rated Ridge Grapplers? I think I've decided to hold off on a leveling kit as I don't want to mess with swapping out my UCAs etc at this point, but I want to add a bit of rubber. I was going to run the LT275/65 Ridge Grapplers with a level and figure the P Rated 275/60 will be a nice compromise. Anyone running these on a 2017 with stock suspension? How's the ride? Do they look like a watered down version of the LT RGs? I ran a few searches, and the only set I've seen so far is on a leveled truck. RHS
  9. Really like the Sierra delete. Any plans to black out the 4 in AT4 to complete the blackout? Looks good either way, just curious.
  10. They are definitely the lowest advertised on the AT4s right now, good luck with the deal! I've been emailing with a number of dealers on the East Coast (easier travel for me) and nobody is coming anywhere close to Laura's pricing. Glad to hear they are fair on trades, I might have to do the same when the time comes to pull the trigger.
  11. We need pictures! What tires are y'all going to run?
  12. Did you use the Readylift kit with new UCAs for the 2.25 up front? What are the stats on the wheels? Any rubbing? I think I'm going to keep my stock rims for a while.
  13. I was dead set on the readylift kit with new UCAs to level my 17, but now I'm starting to think that the Eibach Pro Truck kit might be a better option. Anyone seen the two side by side? Thinking that 275/65r20s or 285/60s. Regardless, I think I'm settled on Ridge Grapplers.
  14. Are y'all replacing UCA's when you install the eibach kit? Ready lift makes it seem like it's an absolute must to run anything larger than stock tires. I'm looking to run 275/65s or 285/60s on my stock rims. Maybe....the ridge grapplers in 35x11.50s if they'll fit. Somehow Readylift is claiming they'll fit with their 2.25" kit.
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