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  1. Wow.. I am not alone. Ha! I bought a 2017 Yukon Denali with 63k over the weekend. It was a CPO. No clunks but it shifts hard at times and lots of shudder. Dealer seems great and they are changing the fluid tomorrow. Will report back!
  2. So should I just do the drivers side valve cover then? Also, is the PCV built into the new cover because when I search the auto parts stores for just PCV valve I get no results. Thx!
  3. Thanks all.. I will keep an eye on it. I just had the motor mounts done and the mechanic said he did not notice any leakage anywhere so that is good. I am a bit surprised there would be no leaks though given the consumption and clean oil and antifreeze overall. I wonder if it's just crappy valve cover PCV baffle design that allows excessive amounts of oil into the intake. I suppose as long as I keep oil it in it should just push on without issue?
  4. I know this topic is beat to death at times but wanted to share my current situation. 2009 Yukon Denali 6.2 FlexFuel with 147k (no AFM for this year) I bought it back in August with 141k miles. It is a spare vehicle. I did oil change with Amsoil Signature at that time. In October at about 143k it was a 1qt low. I randomly checked the oil today and it did not even register on the stick and took 2qts.. yikes. So it seems I am averaging 1qt about every 1500-2000 miles. Does this seem excessive? Also to note, the oil and antifreeze appear clean. And no leaks present at valve covers or underneath. However, I do periodically see a little blue smoke and sweet smell on initial startup. it is not very often though and never notice when driving. Thoughts? My initial thinking is maybe valve stem\guide seals?
  5. These? https://www.amazon.com/WheelGuard-Finish-Open-end-M14x1-5-Thread/dp/B06XZGLL9V/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1509397246&sr=8-4-fkmr0&keywords=m14x1.5+lug+nuts+short
  6. Thanks guys.. are there any alternative to the GM OE lugs you recommend that would work?
  7. Hey All, I have a 2016 1500 Z71 with the OEM 22". I found some older wheels off of a 2nd gen (2007-2013) silverado for winter.. will these bolt up without issue? I also need some lugs for these.. I assume any 14x1.5 will work? Just not sure about depth with the wheel caps.. Thanks!
  8. Hey all, I have a 2016 1500 with the towing package, 3.42 rear end. I understand it is rated for 9100lbs. I have a camper that I want to start pulling around.. not far, maybe a hour here and there and I am in MN so flat land mostly. I plan to get the equalizer hitch as well.. Below are the specs on the trailer.... should i be ok assuming just me in truck and camper is mostly empty? Hitch Weight 912 Axle Weight 6996 UVW 7958 GVWR 9600 CCC (Cargo Capacity) 1642
  9. Yeah if I wasn't just leaving this at camp site, I would be trading up for a new Denali But again, I can't complain. The truck didn't seem to struggle much at all. Stupid question.. Is tongue weight in addition to dry weight then or included in??
  10. Thanks guys! Really appreciate the feedback.. I did spend the money on the e2.. $650 installed and at least I know I can comfortably tow it around if needed. Albeit not across the country or anything. Just got it home 80 miles and did 65 the entire way without a hiccup. RPMs stayed about 2500. Windy today to at 15-18mph. I had little to no sway issues. I was a nervous wreck leaving the dealership of course having never towed anything this large. Impressed how well the truck handled everything. EBC Gain set to 5 Engine temps averages about 205-210 Trans Temps 200-205 Avg MPG: 10 Here are a few pics!
  11. Yeah 9600. But I would tow to site empty and with me and bro in truck that's 500lbs. So I would be around 8300 still under that 9100. I don't care what they say. I am going WDS and anti-sway. Once it's at site it won't be moved.
  12. Thanks guys.. yes I meant no "Max Trailer Tow Package" .. sorry to confuse. The RV dealer seems to think I do not need to anti-sway\equalizer.. I am not convinced though. But I would like to trust them of course as I assume this is not their first rodeo.
  13. I see my 2016 Silverado 1500 is good for 9100lbs. I have the 5.3/six speed/3.42 no towing package but has the brake controller. I am looking to pull a 35.4' travel trailer.. it is rated Hitch Weight 912 Axle Weight 6996 UVW 7958 GVWR 9600 CCC (Cargo Capacity) 1642 I assume as long as I keep the trailer empty I should be ok? Keep in mind it will be at a seasonal site 99% of the time.. but it's 200 miles away
  14. Here you go.. http://www.borla.com/chevy-silverado-1500-exhaust-systems/
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