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  1. It’s not so much that you towed in 4WD as it is that you did it on dry roads. You can definitely cause premature wear by using 4WD on dry roads. I could be wrong, but I think if you caused actual damage at the time it would have showed by now. Turning on dry roads while in 4WD low will cause binding and make a noise. This applies to all 4WD vehicles(suv or truck).
  2. I have had really good luck with touchupdirect.com. I have a 2017 slate grey metallic and it matched perfectly.
  3. I had a similar issue with my 2017 8 speed. Took it to the dealer and they did the flush, which didn't help at all. I took it back and they initially gave me a hard time, but they ended up replacing the torque converter and I haven't had an issue since (have only put on ~6,000 miles since they changed it).
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