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  1. Black Bear Performance

    Just an FYI for those curious on time table....I'll add that it sounds like BBP is a little backlogged, and is getting through things first in first out. I Ordered autocal 9/17 for my 2016 Yukon Denali. Shipped on 9/20, and received a few days later. Work travel kept me from doing my log files and reading factory ECM and TCM. Sent my files on 10/3. Received acknowledgement and asked what my tuning needs were on 10/8, I responded that day. Received my tune files on 10/17. As luck has it I'm traveling again this week so will be Sunday before I can tinker and see my results. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Black Bear Performance

    Just received my autocal. I did my log file, and then went to read my factory engine tune and the autocal device said memory full. I took the unit inside and plugged into my PC pulled off the data log file, deleted the file from autocal and repeated process for engine factory tune. Then I tried to read the factory TCM tune, again memory full. Again repeated the iterative process above. Is there something wrong that I have limited space on device keeping me from storing all three files at once? Have others experienced this? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Sorry for what I'm sure is a noob question. I'm looking to buy a new '16 Silverado or Sierra in the next few months. As I look around at my area dealers I see that in addition to bone stock trucks, they also carry some that are new but have already been modded to some degree. Usually with lifts, flares, wheels/tires. What specific mods I have no idea. As I am a novice to trucks and the modding options but I know I would like to have a mildly 4-6" lifted 4x4 that I can have a little off-road fun with but still drive on the highway for work as my DD. My thinking is that while I would likely pay more for a truck modded and sold by the dealer, I will still have factory warranty covering the dealer installed parts. Whereas if I buy a bone stock truck and go to my local 4x4 shop for upgrades, that the mods will void my warranty. Please comment and share your experiences as I am so new to this and owning a nice 4x4 has been a dream of mine that I'm close to making a reality.

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