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  1. I would love the option of a console shift. My buddy has it in his F150 and I think it looks great. Gives the truck a higher end sportier look.
  2. You have a pic of where you placed your shims? I want to do this to my '15 and want to be sure I'm placing them in the correct spot for the adjustable pedals. Thanks
  3. Hey All, Just curious if any of you are using one of the carpeted type dash covers in their truck? I see the Silverado Shop has them for $39.95 and was thinking about using one in my '15 to help protect the dash and with glare. Worth the money? Thanks
  4. So I picked up the floor liners and installed them. And ..WOW are they nice! Much better than any after market liners in my opinion. Also got the drivers side assist handle installed and that is a major upgrade as well. Well worth the money spent for these accessories in my opinion.
  5. I'm really liking the blacked out Silverado. Where did you get the decals for this? I may do it on my Brownstone Metallic truck.
  6. DAY11 Thank You for the reply. Just got back from ordering them thru my local GM dealer. $161.50 for the front and rears. Be here Tuesday along with the drivers assist handle as well. $42.50 for that Just joined the forum after seeing this thread and had to have these floor liners! They look better than the Weather Tech or the Husky Liners. I guess I'll find out next week.
  7. Anyone installed these in a double cab yet? Part number says the back is for the crew cab and double cab, so I'm guessing you'll have to cut them down to fit the double cab as its smaller
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