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  1. Anyone know if the gmt900 trailer wiring harness plugs directly into the dual plug adapter that mounts to the gmt1000 bumper? Also, does the gmt900 spare tire tube lock cover swap over to the gmt1000 bumper? My 2014+ bumper came with neither parts.
  2. New here! I am hoping one of you has the rear pocket that replaces the rear seat audio controls in the gmt900 center console. Maybe one if you installed rear audio and removed that pocket in the process?? I bought the console at a junkyard and it had the rear audio controls. They wanted $50 for just the controls! So I removed them from the console - I didn't need them anyhow. I figured I could find a pocket on the internet but anywhere wants $85+ for a new one. Outrageous!! The part # is 15134828 or 15295521 Thanks
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