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  1. Hi all. I have a 2016 Sierra 1500 SLT Z71 4x4 and live near Seattle where it is frequently wet. I notice my truck has begun to significantly spin (though it has always struggled since new) on wet pavement under even the lightest acceleration. It is still the stock tires (25,000 miles on the truck). Do you think this is a tire issue? Or something else. Just curious. Thanks!
  2. My 2016 Sierra is "Summit White" and I located a used canopy from a 2016 Silverado that the tag says is "Olympic White." Any idea if these are the GMC / Chevy versions of the same color?
  3. Came across a set of OEM running boards on CL today for $250. Interested to know how wide the truck is with the running boards installed. Do they make the truck wider than the width with the mirrors in? The truck is already a tight fit width-wise in my garage and I only have about 1" past the folded mirrors... think it'll work?
  4. Just took my truck (2016 Sierra SLT Crew) into the dealer for a 5,000 mile service. Since new I have experienced moderate/severe clunking in the 1-2 upshift and 2-1 downshift. Being a long-time reader here of people's experiences, I decided to let it hit the magic 5,000 mile number before going in to address the issues. At about 4,800 miles, things really calmed down and I would only notice the shift clunking every once in awhile. Saturday when I took it in for service (at around 5,100 miles) and mentioned the trouble I'd been having, the dealer said there was a software update for this very issue, and that they'd re-flash it and then do the fast learn. WOW! Now it drives like I expected from day 1. Beautiful! If your dealer hasn't run this latest update for you yet, get them to do it! I couldn't be happier! I did also tighten the leaf spring bolts a few months ago, which did make some difference, but definitely the transmission was part of the clunking as well. I too agree that sometimes I hear the fuel sloshing around in the tank (which I've never heard on any other vehicle), but it's not the same sound as these transmission/rear-end clunk noises.
  5. Hi all, Considering getting a canopy/cap for my 2016 Sierra SLT to add functionality and space for dog on cross-state roadtrips to see the family. Curious to see what types of canopies you all purchased and how they look on the trucks, so post away!
  6. I agree - the Z71 package seems to insanely stiff. I've heard good things about the swap to Bilstien 5100s but am curious how this impacts warranty?
  7. My 2016 Sierra SLT seems to be having some of the transmission issues that have plagued 8 speeds - slow engagement, a hearty "thunk" when downshifting in a 1-2-1 pattern (especially when cold), and a distinct feeling of "shifting confusion" when I am slowing the truck down and then change to acceleration (as in slowing for a red light and then accelerating when it turns green without ever stopping fully). I've been waiting around a bit to fully observe the issues before I take it in to the dealer, so I can accurately describe to them the situations where it's misbehaving. I'm also trying a few of the "fixes" that I've read on here to see if I can at least partially remedy the situation, most notably driving with the "grade braking" off, which seems to help. Yesterday I tried for the first time turning off traction control. WOW! This really made a ton of difference and the truck seems to have much more power and the transmission issues were non-existent. When I shut it off and restarted later with T/C on, the issues reappeared. Anybody else seen this situation? Any idea why turning T/C off would help? Also - is it just me or does "grade braking," when turned on, not really do anything at all? Just thought I'd also give a shout-out on how much I enjoy reading this forum. My wife said she thought I'd be done with reading these types of forums once we made the decision on which truck to buy... little did she know it was just the beginning!
  8. I just did about 100 miles of towing near 10k pounds this weekend with mine and was equally impressed. My route has many roundabouts on it, so I was slowing and accelerating repeatedly... The 8 speed really did a great job. Transmission temp was a consistent 185 degrees and I averaged 12.2 mpg overall.
  9. Coming from an SUV to my Sierra, these are the features that I miss... that being said, my Sierra has lots of features that the SUV didn't! 1) Push-button keyless start and entry 2) Blind-spot monitoring 3) Front camera 4) Rear seat climate vents in the console
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