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  1. It has the 5.3 and I don't have the built date BC I don't have the truck sitting up at the dealer lol Talked to the tech Saturday he's thinking it's an on star moduel of all flipping things!
  2. Well I had a 2014 Silverado was an awsome truck never had any major problems with it dealer sent me a letter wanted me to trade my 14 in for a 16 made me a hell of a deal any how have my new truck for about 10 days put about 650 miles on it go out to start it one moring turn the key service 4wd comes on the screen and won'tcrank so I call the dealer have it towed in get to the dealer fires right up on the tow truck they call and are more concerned about my 5th wheel hitch ( what the hell are trucks for) and my aftermarket wheels and tires pretty much tell me that void my warente and that's why
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