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  1. presumably, one would have pressed 'okay' while still in the driveway in park rather than waiting till they got on the road.....
  2. on my 2016 sierra, if I get close to the line, the indicator turns yellow. if I get too close, or over, then the seat vibrates.
  3. curious as to what the consensus is on the nitto 420s in stock 20'' size? will be needing a set of tires by spring.
  4. Galveston TX???

    it isn't crab legs, but the wife and i enjoy going to the stuttgart biergarten for a craft brew and some 'bangers and mash' (sausage and mashed potatoes with purple cabbage). we looked at gaido's, but thought it was too expensive. did get pecan pie take out. was not impressed. $20 for 2 pieces of pie and they didn't even put their bourbon sauce on it. there are 2 joe's crab shacks there. we've eaten at the one on the seawall blvd. Olympia has awesome greek. seems pricey at first, but 1 order is plenty for 2 people. we enjoyed the saltwater grill on post office street. I've heard the sunflower café is pretty good.
  5. don't Toyotas use takata airbags as well?
  6. hello everyone. just joined. bought my sierra 5 days ago. had an 2003 f150. so far, loving this truck. hope it stays that way

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