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  1. I've got a 2020 3500HD with the same problem. It stumbles when I'm towing. I took it to a Chevy tech and was told he's seen several of them with this problem. His best guess was that it involved the 10 speed searching when you first touch the throttle when you coast a little and then start to slowly accelerate. It does not do this when I'm using cruise control, only when operating throttle manually. I also have the Anderson hitch, air bags, etc. This is not chucking from the fifth wheel, as a retired driver, I know the difference. This is a computer problem in my opinion. It's similar
  2. I was told it is available for other GM vehicles, Cruze, Impala, etc. Guess maybe we don't rank as high on the food chain ?
  3. When I bought the vehicle I was told that there would be a software update in March or April 2016 that would allow me to connect my Garmin into the system and it would be displayed on the infotainment screen. I've checked several times and the dealer says no update for the Silverado. Anyone else able to connect theirs ? Mine did not come with GPS installed. Thanks, Rick
  4. I had a similar issue with the stabilitrack system on a 2009 Canyon. Took about 2 years to finally fix it. Gm replaced the main computer and wheel sensor components. Good luck..
  5. New to the forum, hello....My 2016 just started doing this this week. Noticed a momentary blank screen, then it came back on. Just thought I was seeing things, thanks for the heads up. Could save me a lot of time and hassle as I had a lot of electrical issues with my 2009 Canyon. Dealer was great to work with, but they had to call in a tech to cure. Rick
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