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  1. The UAW’s benefits are truly over the top compared to most US workers. The pay is excellent too. But it is never...ever enough. I know of UAW employees that get friends and family members prescriptions filled on their GM prescription drug plan where obviously there are no checks and balances for blatant fraud. I think many things demanded by the UAW are just ridiculous.
  2. Got tied up at work this week. Going to take it in next week. Thanks for the update. I hope that perhaps my fix will track your's. Glad you saw an improvement!
  3. TCC torque converter clutch? I have a 2105 Denali XL. 17,000 miles. I started having a vibration shuttering problem at lower speeds 30mph is the worst. It typically lasts 5-10 seconds. I am also noting 100--200 rpms surges at low speeds. The shutter vibration is extremely annoying. The truck was great and quite up to this point. Now it is simply horrible to drive. One final issue is a big slip of the transmission when initially putting the truck from park to drive at startup. Any comments or suggestions on dealing with the dealer on the above would be greatly appreciated. Going to try to get it to the dealer next week. Hoping for a positive resolution this is GMC SUV number 9. All prior gmc's were good.
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