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  1. All data had good diagrams and short but good tips for rebuilding the transfer case.
  2. Update: I got the case back together and then put back in the truck the night before leaving for a wheeling trip. All went well once I had all the parts I needed. Thanks for everyone who contributed to this thread. Couple final comments from my experience. The new Cam I got appears to be identical to the one I took out. I test fit both and cycled them with the case open and couldn't see a difference. I used the new one since I had it. Attached is a photo of the pin/screw that messed me up, and a view of the original end of the pin in my case that I had to drill out. For reference its #19 in the above diagram. I don't believe pump rub is an issue on the 2007.5+ years. I inspected that area on mine and saw no detrimental wear. It is recommended to replace the O ring on the pump, #37 in the diagram above. I did not have one so I didn't. Mine had some minor damage to it but looked like it would still sufficiently seal. AlldataDIY was helpful. I could have done it without it but it gave me a lot of reassurance, It was worth the $20 or $30 I spent for a year subscription.
  3. I disassembled the transfer case and found the snap ring referenced in the article was the problem. The snap ring was still around the shaft and was not loose in the case, so there would be low risk of driving it in 2wd if I had to. During disassembly of the old shift shaft/range fork/spring assembly, you have to remove the pin (#19 in the attached diagram). There is suppose to be a screw on the back side of that pin, according to AllDataDIY. I could not see a screw of any type. I ended up having to drill that pin out and found no evidence of screw threads. My recommendation would be to order this pin unless you already have it disassembled and know its in good condition. The minimum parts I would recommend ordering are: Shaft 19210805 Cam 19259607 Pin 19133202 Snap Ring 19133027 Gasket 24245110 (Transfer case to transmission gasket) 2 quarts Dexron VI RTV In addition I also ordered: 4wd fork "inserts" (qty 3) 19133044 Shift shaft seal 19133044 (I damaged mine, you should not need to replace this) Input shaft seal 19299083 Rear output shaft seal ACDELCO 24226707
  4. Hummm, trusting them to get me the most up to date parts.... might be a mistake... tbd... Cost included new seals at 23 a pop and 6 new shift pads at $3 and $7 a peace. Any advice on the wet vs dry seal? Is all my tranny fluid going to pour out the back of the allison?
  5. Called the dealer to check lead time and cost of parts locally and he had some updated part numbers from the time of that 2011 article. Front input seal - 19299083 Shift Shaft - 19210805 (unchanged from the article) Cam - 19259607 Total parts I priced out from them was just under $240, not including RTV or trans fluid. Speaking of transmission fluid, Since these are a "wet" seal transmission/transfer case seal does that mean all the trans fluid is going to come pouring out?
  6. Glad I was able to find this thread. I think I have the same or very similar issue on my 2007.5 2500HD. What other upgraded parts did you use from that article, besides the shaft/cam? I plan to get that shaft and cam should that be my problem, plus the rear output seal. But what about the pads, new shift motor, front seal/shield? This is my tow rig and road trip truck so I need it to be as reliable as possible. For informational purposes, truck has about 110k miles and sees maybe 10k miles a year, half of which is towing. Thank you for documenting your issues and the fix, and thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread.

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