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  1. Selling my basically brand new Readylift Leveling System/Kit and 1" Rear Blocks. These literally only have about 5000 miles on them. Lifted the front approximately 2.25" which made the truck level, and then to add a little rake back into it, I added the Readylift 1" Rear Block. Truck still rode excellent after being leveled. Comes with Keys, Blocks, Shock Extenders. Will throw in the 4 Rancho shocks that came on my truck with the Z71 package for an extra $50. The leveling kit cost me $410 ($500 with tax) when I bought it, so $200 is very fair for only having maybe 5000 miles on it. I believe this will fit 2011-2017 Chevy/GMC 2500HD/3500HD trucks. You pay S&H.
  2. And thank you! Pretty sure everyone just copies ideas they like from everyone else. I know I have as far as seeing wheels I like, etc :-)
  3. Sorry for the delay...sorry this isn't a link, but just go to EBay and type in 'Vortec badge' and these'll come up. Some are from China etc, but I went with the OEM GM product.
  4. This isn't anything major, but a small mod I did to my truck a few months ago that I really like! I'll start off by saying, I like the 'Duramax' badge on the hood of the diesels, so I searched and found 7" 'Vortec' badges that are GM parts, and they came with double sided 3M tape on the badge for installation. I carefully figured out where I wanted them on there, and went for it (looks like it could've come from the factory like this, to me). Anyways, just an idea if you're looking for something small to do!
  5. I'm not sure on that, but I bought a new one made by GM that's designed to fir the 2015 Crew Cab. If that doesn't pan out for ya, the GM wasn't super expensive.
  6. Snapped a couple pics under there. Hope this shows what you were kind of looking for. The distance between bolts on the drop down bracket. 5"
  7. Still waiting for decent weather to grab pics. Its either sunny during the day when I'm at work, and dark when I get home, or rainy on the weekends lol! Days are getting longer and nicer so I'll make it happen soon! Beautiful truck!
  8. Probably could run them, but most likely you'll be trimming. My Rancho 4" is actually a full 5" of spindle lift, and I have 35's with +18 offset wheels and still had to trim the lower plastic air dam a bit.
  9. For what it's worth, and I'm not calling BS on the previous poster, but I had absolutely zero issues with balancing or wear with my 295/60/20's.
  10. Sorry for the delay, will try to get some more pics from underneath this upcoming week or weekend. And as for the install time, I had Les Schwab install my lift. Dropped it off one evening around 6pm, and they had it finished the following night. Actually, their guys stayed 2 hours after closing to finish it up. Schwab lifted my 95 Silverado 1500 Z71 I used to have, they lifted my current Jeep (1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ), and now this current truck. I have not had a single issue with anything on any lift they've done. They go above and beyond.
  11. Per my research, this is a true 5" of [spindle] lift up front, and 3" out back.
  12. I hear ya! Pretty basic kit I guess, comes with everything you need. 120 more HP at the wheels and 120 more Torque...that's about what, 138 at the engine. Be right about 500HP and 500 lb/ft at the motor and like stock drivability and maybe even a tad better fuel economy!? Honestly I'm happy how my stock 6.0 tows currently, can't even imagine after its blown!!!
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