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  1. Has anyone tried a straight pipe in place of the muffler on these? I have heard a straight piped 6.2 1500 that they removed the muffler and left the resonator in and it sounded pretty damn good. I know we don't have a resonator, but just thought I'd ask?
  2. Throw a cam in there too. It'll sound killer.
  3. 6.0L Muffler Swap

    Anyone just do a muffler delete on the 6.0? If so, how is the sound/drone?
  4. Damn! Youre getting 15mpg without regearing? That's nuts.
  5. No, not yet. My first goal is to replace the anemic 10" wheels with some 12's and figure out what I'll need to cut/modify/repaint on the front bumper. Kinda sucks because I paint corrected and PPF'ed the whole front end already.
  6. 2019 is the same as 2018.
  7. Let me guess, it seems like its wandering now right?
  8. 6.0, The gears bring it back to where it should be. I would do gears even if I had the diesel with 37 to 40 inch tires.
  9. Yeah, definitely let us know. Did you do the gears? I went with 5.13's and I'm glad I did.
  10. Yes, it was noticeable for sure. I bought the CST steering stabilizer and that helped a lot.
  11. It looks great. I have a CST 8" and 37/13.5/22 toyo open country MT's on a 10" wheel. I think I want to get 12" wheels to make the tires look a little wider. I'm guessing I'll still need to trim a little on the bumper.
  12. Killer! What lift, tire, rim sizes? Looks like you needed to trim the front bumper quite a bit?
  13. Never knew the HD's came in extended cab. When I ordered mine, crew was the only option.
  14. Can someone recommend an LED kit for my headlights and fogs that match? I'd like to get rid of the bouncy HID's. Are they easy to swap or do the headlights need to be removed?

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