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  1. Should I Go Diesel?

    Lift that bad boy.
  2. I needed a CST 8" lift to get 22x12's and 37's to fit.
  3. Those areas with the brown surface rust come that way directly from the factory. They are bare metal and are coated with rust when they roll off the assembly line. I'm not saying it's right, just saying they all come that way.
  4. Love the D260's. I have them in 22x12.
  5. Set of Fuel Maverick D260 22x10

    Price has been reduced to $500 to help offset any shipping costs. These wheels are $2,500 brand new.
  6. Set of Fuel Maverick D260 22x10

    South Elgin, IL
  7. Set of Fuel Maverick D260 22x10

    Tuesday bump. Would $600 sell these bad boys????????
  8. Set of Fuel Maverick D260 22x10

    Price lowered, $800 obo.
  9. Set of Fuel Maverick D260 22x10

    Here is a picture of them on my lifted truck. These will fit a stock truck as well as they are only -12 offset.
  10. Set of Fuel Maverick D260 22x10

    Reply sent
  11. Only 700 miles on these wheels. $600 obo. These wheels are $2,500 brand new. These are 8 lug for 2011-2019 GM HD truck and whatever else uses that bolt pattern. Wheels come with sensors.
  12. 6.0+2.9 Whipple and call it a day.
  13. No no, I was asking if when they cut the bumper, if they were able to cut it without damaging the rest of the paint on the bumper. Apparently that was not the case. I'm getting the wheels swapped out on Saturday. Hope I can drive it home from Discount tire without major rubbing.
  14. I'm running a CST 8". I currently have 37/13.50/22 toyo open country's on 22x10 fuels and I'm putting the toyo's on my 22x12 fuels -44 offset. Did you do the cutting or did you have a shop do it? Also, did you have to repaint or were you able to cut without damaging the paint?

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