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  1. I had my torque converter go bad a few months back, 2015 6.0 with only 50k miles. Tranny was acting erratic and tranny oil temp jump up to 250 degrees.
  2. Bought my 2015 Crew Cab SLT Z71 4x4 two years old with 32k miles for $40K
  3. So you removed the drop shackles? Did you have issues with them?
  4. Took my 15 2500 gasser w/51K miles in to dealership to get transmission fluid/filter changed two months/700 miles ago. This past weekend driving and get check engine light, feel the transmission acting up scroll through to find transmission temp is 250. Took it back to dealership and diagnosed as bad torque converter. I am second owner and bought truck with 32K miles. I haven’t towed since owning. Just seems a little premature mature for a torque converter to go bad.
  5. I put a set of Michelin LTX MS 295/70r18 on my truck. At first I had front mud flaps but tires found them once I removed the mud flaps, no rubbing.
  6. I saw a set of Open Country A/T 285/75r18 on a truck. Very nice!
  7. I just took a trip running about 250 miles along I75. Tried my best to keep it between 70 & 75 mph without getting run over. Averaged 16.8 mpg with a 17.4 mpg best. Not bad!
  8. I saw a set of 285/75r18 toyo AT2's on a truck and they looked great. Anyone running that size on there truck? Any mod's need or can I run that size with the stock set up?
  9. I have the e85 code on my build sheet but after reading the owners manual it states that all e85 trucks have a yellow gas cap and labeling behind the fuel door. Well I have neither but did purchase the truck used so things could have been changed by the previous owner. I wanted to give a tankful of this stuff a shot. Anywhere else on the vehicle that would indicate e85 compatibility other than a yellow fuel cap?
  10. Are all the L96 engines e85 compatible?
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