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  1. Has anyone ordered a new HD recently and been told cab lights are unavailable?
  2. Rear window protection. It is very useful when trying to pack the truck with the kids bikes, grills, coolers, and all the other crap the wife has to bring with us camping.....
  3. Have a new 22 arriving soon. What are you guys using for headache racks?? Thanks everyone.
  4. I got an allocation from the dealership on wed. Been waiting a month or so on a list. Dealer called wed morning and said by end of day it would be placed. Pretty simple truck, 22 custom 2500hd crew 4x4 with gooseneck package. Just need it to haul my kids and our 5th wheel. First truck I’ve owned without clearance lights. Oh well things could be worse
  5. I placed an order this week. Was told cab lights are now unavailable
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