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  1. Can you give us where you bought these metal stems and part numbers? Thanks
  2. Thinking about putting a Tonneau-Cover on my 2020 Denali 3500. Is your vehicle a standard bed or long bed? When you fold your cover up against the back glass does it cover the camera? Can you see to hook up to your 5th wheel? Thanks David
  3. I have no experience with ceramic coating but called a local detail company that specializes in ceramic coating and they gave me a quote of $1750 for our 2020 GMC Denali 3500 crew cab. What did your dealership say it would cost you?
  4. Is anyone running there tires at 110psi and using the TPMS to monitor there trailer tires? Can you only set the pressure on the trailer tire app to 100psi? If so can you set the low limit to 100psi and top to N/A? Thanks David
  5. Just bought a 2020 GMC 3500 Denalli and pull a 40' fifth wheel. Do I understand it right that the camera will work on the back of the trailer and show the behind the trailer view but not in the transparent view? Is there enough wire to run from the back of a 40' trailer to the plug in on the truck? Thanks David
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