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  1. Trading month old Silverado

    I know this dealer took care of me. Now comes the mods.
  2. Trading month old Silverado

    My SS was Black I really loved the truck but these new ones I love too. I am taking delivery tomorrow. The dealer has been great. I think because I went to them with a good attitude. I know I should of done more research but I can't change the past. I will take pics when I get it.
  3. Trading month old Silverado

    Check out Hennessey kits.
  4. Trading month old Silverado

    True but how about the 6.2 with a supercharger and don't forget the 8 speed transmission.
  5. I purchased a new 2017 Silverado LTZ Z71 5.3 with the 6 speed 3.42 gears. I test drove it for only 6 miles. I love everything about this truck but the powertrain. I went in to my dealer and told them that I was not happy with the shifting and the power of the truck. At this point I had 1200 miles on it. (Mind you I just sold my 2004 Silverado SS that would run 12.50's in the 1/4 mile). So they let me test drive the exact same truck but with a 6.2 8 speed with 3.23 gears. I told them I would like to put some miles on it so I did. Now I am trading it in for the new 6.2 8 speed. There is a huge difference in performance. I took a $3000 hit but it was my fault and the dealer is swapping my 22" wheels on the new truck. Whipple is now in the future. Oh..... Black thats the color.

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