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  1. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    What lifts can I buy that don't require spacers for the rear wheels?
  2. LT header?

    Did you use the diablo tune to eliminate the code from the headers
  3. LT header?

    A black bear tune or would diablo work?
  4. LT header?

    Will the tune eliminate the code?
  5. I have a 17 6.2 and am looking for headers that won't throw codes. I see a lot of people with arh and tsp headers but nothing much about codes. Thanks
  6. Im have a 2in level and 1.5 body lift. Thinking of upgrading to a 4 or 6 in lift. But I wondering if the 4" with the body lift will be enough or with the 6 it might be to much. Any pics would be great
  7. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Anyone have a truck with the 4.5 suspension lift and a 1.5 inch body lift?
  8. 17 6.2 tune

    That's mainly what im looking for. I know I cant do a trans tune so no big deal. Mainly looking for a "sport" tune, governer removed and ability to change tire height and gears if I ever do it. It says it can go back to stock and not been seen have you tried it?
  9. 17 6.2 tune

    Yea I ran my radar detector Speedo and my phone Speedo and they were within one with my 33s on the truck. I see so many people back and forth on the afm. My truck seems to hunt more than it should for the afm maybe because of the tires. Seems like you are saying the Diablo tune isn't worth it really. I just saw somewhere that headers and cai needs a tune because it'll run way to lean which is why I was looking into it
  10. Is anyone running the diablo i3? Not trying to void warranty and it says its undetectable. But from reading on here the 17s are pretty secure. I also have the 8 speed. Is that a good option or do I need to wait until the warranty is up? Im also running 33s is there anything that can recal my speedo or am I out of luck with that to? I have a CAI and am looking at LT headers also.
  11. No difference. Cant even tell a lift was put on
  12. Codes

    Drove it for a week while backordered. No problems. Only thing I changed was I took my wifes equinox key off cuz I had problems almost as soon as I put it on. They put the junction box in. Idk if that helped but it hasn't happened again
  13. Codes

    Engineer said junction box but it's back ordered. Waiting
  14. Please help!!!

    Gm rep coming to look tomorrow. Told me all grounds looked clean.
  15. Codes

    Dealer can't figure it out. Got a gm rep coming in the morning for mine

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