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  1. Good looking truck man! Do you by chance have a link to the light bar you bought? Also do you have any info as to how it was mounted? Did you buy a kit with brackets specifically for the truck or fabricate your own. IAlso, do you have any photos of the light running with the grille installed? Thanks.
  2. I have a 2014 double cab and twin 20 month old boys. my truck isnt the family car but i still pick them up from day care once or twice a week. They are currently rear facing and while tight, its really not that bad. I'm 6' 3" tall and with the seat behind me I have to sit further up than id like but i'm not hugging the dash at all. Probably should have gotten a crew cab but for that much more money i don't think it was worth it, especially if kids aren't in the car every day. If you only have 1, you can put them in the middle (this is difficult leaning in so far) or behind the passenger seat (much better option assuming your wife is smaller than you are....mine sits comfortably with the seat back there). What i do is keep the seat behind the passenger in all the time and just unhook the one behind me and turn it sideways and unbuckled for most of the time and then swing it around, buckle, and tug to tighten it when i need to put one of the boys in. I think I'll get some room back once i go front facing in a few months. My point with this is don't listen to people that tell you its not possible, i read all of these comments when i was buying my truck and it scared me. I'd 6'3" tall with 2 tall boys and am making out just fine. If you want to see some pics, PM and I can take them.
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