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  1. I have had the no sound happen a few times. Found that this issue seems to happen to me in the coldest days of winter. Had the weird buzzing crackling a couple times just shrugged it off as another too many damn electronics, other night it did the radio thing when got out to connect trailer. Had no volume control and radio was on different channel. Had to get in close door and cycle the ignition and finally shut off...
  2. I have the double cab now. Had suicide on a ford hated them. Had full crew on a dodge and loved it. Found with double just cant get certain things in back unless tip on edge. Plastic totes for example but needed the full box.. Don't haul a lot of ppl often so went for box size.
  3. I installed a Esky got it on amazon. Went with 7" monitor mounted to floor hump and camera bolts on the top of license plate. Think I have 42$ into it. Ran the av cable inside the frame on drivers side all way to the front pillar and came into cab thru the e-brake grommet. Made power connection to turn on the rear camera at the left taillight rev. wire. Soldered and sealed. Been a great system mainly use it for hooking trailer so aimed mine so ball is in view. The monitor is wired to 12 in the drivers side fuse panel. I just turn it on and off as I need it.
  4. 2" level with factory 17" plastic-dipped upsized to 265-70-17 from factory 245's . Today going in to get 285-70-17 should fill in a bit better.
  5. Thank you. Yes that is always a concern I have had a few bumps and always cringed but when checking have yet to hit with rim. Always get lucky and scrub tire thankfully. Biggest concern is when I get new tires. Will find out soon how that holds up I am hoping to use a rim clamp and use rim protectors like on the glossy chrome and see if that saves them .If not guess I will be re applying. Wasnt too bad about 4 hours total to do them all but I do have a heated shop with a lift so makes it alot easier.
  6. Mine does the same thing only when cold out. Very irritating. I had thought it was my remote start causing this as hadn't heard of many others with this issue but now I see it is quite common. Out of warranty now have just resolved that I have to shut off wait until all lights go out and dash goes black and restart. most times only once but when very cold -5 or so have to repeat a couple times.
  7. Plastidip many coats at least 5 with 2 of clear looks great. 2 yrs of ny winters and still looks great.
  8. Took a ride yesterday before the 40’s hit today.
  9. My 15 started doing the exact same thing. I thought after remote start installed something in the programming got messed up. I also found if shut it off and lock doors let everything power down and then unlock and start truck all works normal again. Not sure if remote start is cause but leaning to not if others having issues also..'
  10. Anybody have Xbox Live?

    GranularCanine BO2 Zombies
  11. Dead battery?

    Mine just went this weekend 43200 miles. $220 for a new agm 1000 ca. Unreal and a pain in the a** to change.
  12. I had rubbing where the gasket is on top. At 75-80 could see them flutter and started to rub. I pulled tops away and used black rtv silicone under gasket. No more movement so rubbing stopped.
  13. sorry fat fingers. rtv silicone

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