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  1. You will like the BDS. I have the 4 inch BDS with fox coils and no wheel spacers. You honestly cant even tell the track width difference unless you know what your looking for. Somebody walking by your truck will not notice it. Turning radius is fine. BDS is top notch. Great choice.
  2. A single add a leaf is added to your current stock leaf pack. The block can be removed but your lose the lift it provided. Adding the extra leaf can significantly stiffen the rear when your not towing. A new leaf pack is all new leafs and will replace the stock leafs and the block depending on how much your lifted. My BDS leaf pack provides 4 inch of lift and the factory block is completely removed because i have a 4 inch lift. Some places can make leaf packs for as much lift as you need.
  3. Is the rear lifted with blocks? If so, look into rear leaf springs to replace the massive block...I have the BDS rear lift springs and love them.
  4. What setting are you running your DSC settings? Currently I have mine 8 clicks firm from the left (turning clockwise) for both high and low speed. Seems to ride nice. Also, do u have trouble turning your knobs at the far ends of the range? I can only get about 10 clicks out of the high speed or else i feel like i need to use incredible force to turn them.
  5. I have a 2018 Sierra SLT so i assume it has electric assisted steering. Is there a way to program the steering assist to be more firm? Is there any updates available or TSB’s? Any tuners able to access the steering assist to make adjustments? Its not terrible but i would like a more firm feel especially at highway speeds. Thanks!
  6. They are not “clicks” per se where you can hear it....but you feel a slight pause during each turn where the “click would be
  7. The biggest thing ive noticed is the steering is way more firm with low speed cranked up which i like.
  8. I run 18x9 fuel wheels +1 offset. Tires are Ridge grappler 275/70/18. Zero rub and no trimming. I ran that on a 2 inch level as well with no rub. My Fox DSC settings are set at 5/10 for low speed compression and 5/12 for high speed.
  9. I have the BDS with Fox coilover 2.5 DSC. I love them and the ride is fantastic. If you got the funds, go for it. I also got the BDS rear leaf springs. Cost me 1,000 for install and had to get an alignment.
  10. Shocks can help some but tires and more sidewall on the tire will help more with a smooth ride in my opinion.
  11. Here is my truck with 275/70/18 tires and a 4 inch lift
  12. I personally like 18 inch wheels on 33 inch tires for both looks and comfort. To me its a perfect look. I run 275/70/18 tires on +1 offset wheel. Im not sure what the offset is on the wheels your looking at but 33's MAY rub if the offset is to positive or to negative. If you stay around a 0 offset with a level you will clear. I had no rubbing when I had a 2 inch level with that tire size. I did tie back the carpet though with zip ties in the fender wells. I now run a 4 inch bds lift.
  13. My 2018 Sierra 1500 SLT with BDS 4 inch lift and Fox coilover’s 2.5 DSC. BDS rear leaf springs in the back. Rides like a dream. Angles are good. Wheels are 18x9 and tires 275/70/18 (33’s).
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