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  1. ill get a few pics tonight... I had looked at the morimoto fogs but I wanted bright since I am a first responder and scene lighting is paramount out here...and I am not a fan of light bars. These do a great job and I am very happy with them.... I loved my morimoto Hid/s and leds I had in my silverado and I wished I could move them over to my sierra but I guess I need to save for the full housing retrofit....and if anyone wants a full set of morimoto Hid's I have the full set with the warning cancelation and anti flicker...along with extra ballast and two new ignitors and two new bulbs. I also have the 2stroke leds for the high beams...this was a great setup and I loved it....
  2. I got them installed ..it was a pain in the ass....the directions say to remove the three bolts in the back of the factory light...well unless you have miniature hands its not gonna happen. I ended up removing the whole front bumper. But it is a huge difference. Very well worth the time and money. the only draw back I have found with this set up is that there is very little adjustment you can do. the aiming is ok a tad high for my liking but over all not bad...just do not drive into oncoming traffic with them on...you will blind them....but overall not a bad setup
  3. Thanks for the replies, The ones I am planning on using are the D pods by rigid. I looked them up and their max amp draw is 2.14 - 3.14 amps(P/N 501313). I imagine the low amp draw is due to them being LED I just wanted to prepare if I needed to wire in a relay ...they are plug and play with their own switch but I want to use the factory if at all possible.
  4. I have a 2016 Sierra 2500hd with the factory fog lights. I have ordered the bracket to install the rigid pod lights in their place. My question is can I use the factory wiring from the headlight switch, or do I need to use a relay in conjunction with the factory switch. I have no issue using a relay I was just more curious if it would even be needed ....
  5. I got it all installed and had to use a my 4ch amp to run all the speakers in the truck. There is not a way to use the maestro unit and keep the bose amp. At least none I could find. And to be honest. It sounds a ton better than when I was running the bose amp. As as far as the dash display. It all works as normal with the exception of the audio info page. All it shows is audio off. But I never used that much so it wasn’t a big deal for me. Getting the halo unit to look right took some trial an error but over all I am happy with the fit. It looks good in the dash. I am now working on the USB ports that were below the radio. I gutted the port that had the three USB ports and added one from axess that has the hdmi port two USB ports and an aux plug. Once it’s all done I’ll get pics and do a complete write up.
  6. I am in the process of changing out the factory radio which was the 8' with navigation and bose. I have the alpine ILX-f309 unit to put in as well as the idatalink maestro RR module and the gm3 harness. So far what I have done is fugure out the Maestro does NOT work with the bose system. Gm uses the MOST amplifier which is from what I can figure out like fiber optic. I am now running all new cables from the front of the truck to the back wall where the bose amp is mounted and will bypass the amp completely and run everything off of the head unit for now. NOT sure how the factory bose speakers will like t he lower power of the alpine head unit but it will only be temporary. I will eventually replace all the speakers with FOCAL units. if anyone else has done a swap like this please feel free to add any info. I will add the maestro unit was very easy to work with and program..much easier than the last few I have used from access. The SWC functions just as it did with the factory with tha addition of the press and hold feature. For example on mine when i hit the volume down button on the steering wheel it will start to drop the volume but if i hold it for 3 seconds it mutes it. all of that can be set up when you flash your Maestro unit hope this helps a little on your concerns Clint
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