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  1. Detroit TrueTrac

    Skippy, wondering how did your install work out over the longterm? Would like to do the same to mine.
  2. First timer Truetrac install

    OP how did your TruTrac install go? How many miles have you put on it?
  3. Gear Change 9.5" 12 bolt

    Guys that have a bunch of miles on your East Coast Gear Supply setups, any premature ring & pinion wear? My local driveline shop who I highly trust (he does dozens of gear swaps every week and also does custom rears with shortened tubes and any custom build you can think of) says that he has had premature R&P wear with the ECGS ring gear spacers when installing Duragrip or Eaton TruTracs and different gear ratios. I currently have a 3.42 gear 9.5 12-bolt and I want to keep the current 3.42 gears, but install a TruTrac. https://eastcoastgearsupply.com/i-23993370-gm-9-5-semi-float-detroit-true-trac.html
  4. He recommended leaving the factory Gov-Loc or replacing it with a factory replacement unit.
  5. Who all has done it using the East Coast Gear spacer? My installer says it’s hoaky and he has had issues with everyone he’s installed. Anyone have good luck doing one in our 9.5/9.76 12-bolts? https://eastcoastgearsupply.com/i-23993370-gm-9-5-semi-float-detroit-true-trac.html

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