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  1. i actually found one in a scrap yard for a decent price and condition
  2. im looking for one too, pretty rare to find now since the factory didnt ship it yet to parts store
  3. I bet the Chevy will take the lead if it was on a good elevation and race when rolling
  4. regular cab vs double cab (its called supercab in ford trucks) 4800 lb vs 5400 lb dont forget that its Supercab and Short bed
  5. Im sorry for your misconception but i stated it was bone stock truck so it never been on a dyno as for the GMC it was dynoed on a Mustang dyno which is measurement that differs from other dynos so i cant tell you how much the trucks makes at the flywheel because i might make a different number on another dyno I wish it makes sense
  6. Hi all, I made a video about me racing my close friend in his brand new Ford Raptor Ps. I know it was not a fare comparison but what we did was just a test run between us The specs are as following for each truck: 2017 Ford F150 Raptor Super cab Eco-boost 450 HP 510 TQ BONE STOCK VS 2016 GMC Sierra Regular Cab 5.3L v8, Kooks headers + Bullet Catback + Volant CAI + Custom Tune Produces 348 WHP 380 WTQ on Mustang Dyno + 33" tires and leveling kit Now you can watch the video: Again it was just a test run not to show which truck runs better! Thank you for passing by Bu3oaF
  7. It is a full catback setup by Bullet Performance Company www.Bulletperf.com
  8. Thanks mate! you can see my setup in Vehicle Build section, here's a link http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/201484-bu3oafs-rcsb-build/ I do have a Remote which has on and off buttons just like this one bellow Thanks buddy, really appreciate it! Thanks man, they are really good
  9. Hey Everyone, I wanted to share my experience with these mods I've done on my RCSB 1-Bullet Catback Exhaust ( including valved cutout ) 2-Kooks Long Tube Headers + Catless (Offroad) Y Pipe 3-Volant CAI 4-Dyno Tune This combination of Bullet + Kooks gives the truck a really mean sound and it rumbles like a Vette not exaggerating, but it really does in person IMHO the special feature about this cat back is that it has valved cutout, so when ever you feel like you want your truck to sound like stock exhaust, its just a push of button away as you will be seeing in the video bellow the exhaust sounds really good, very minimum drone when installed with Kooks catless pipes, no drone what so ever with stock headers & cats first of all lets hear how does this catback sound with Volant CAI and stock headers and y pipe ( valve testing in the video ) earphones recommended ! and now lets hear how it sounds with kooks long tube headers and catless y-pipe + tuned ( valve testing in the video ) earphones recommended ! So what are you thoughts about the exhaust? and now with the Dyno tuning Enjoy ! Like & Subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want Bullet Performance Exhaust Link : http://www.bulletperf.com/gmc/sierra/sierra-2015.html for any related inquiries I will be happy to help Thanks
  10. Hey everyone hows everybody out there doing? I wanted to share my build to you guys so let get into it Stock Truck King Offroad Shocks KMC 17x9 Wheels + Kumho KL61 285/70R17 Paint job on Front , Rear bumper and Grille frame Volant CAI Bullet Performance (Valved Cutout) Catback Exhaust Kooks Long Tube Headers + Catless Y-Pipe Thank you for watching Subscribe my YouTube channel and like if you want Thanks
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