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  1. Update on my truck: After 90 days of being told the condenser was on back order, I left a review of the dealership on a social media website. Within an hour of doing so, I got a call from the dealership. The customer service person told me they had an aftermarket condenser in and would I be ok with that. I said yes. Yesterday afternoon they installed it and I now have cold air. I will let you know how it goes. The service manager also talked to me after it was completed and told me that they got a bulletin from GM saying that over a half million trucks are affected by the condenser issue. Apparently the aftermarket is making up for GM's ability to supply condensers.
  2. Twelve weeks and still waiting for AC condenser that I paid in advance to have repaired. Service manager told me they have seven trucks on the ground waiting ahead of mine and no idea when they'll have condensers. Great job, General Motors.
  3. If you read my original post, I bought the truck March 21 with 87,500 miles on it. No warranty. I was told by salesman the truck needed a condenser and it would be $1400 extra, which was added to cost of the truck. I was also told it would take 3 days and truck would be ready March 24. I picked up truck on March 24, and was not told the truck was not fixed, that the condenser was on back order and that there were other trucks waiting ahead of mine. In other words, salesman handed me the keys, knowing that truck was not fixed. I paid in advance, $1400, to have truck fixed. All I get when I call dealership is the "customer care" rep telling me it's still on back order. Also, I had no idea about the condenser issue being a problem before I bought the truck. I found out about it only after I did a search on owner forums after several weeks of being told the condenser was still on back order. It seems to me that Everett should have informed me when I picked up truck that it was not fixed, that the condensers were on back order and that there were trucks ahead of mine waiting for the same thing. What do you think?
  4. That was my guess, as I am dealing with Everett Buick GMC of Bentonville. Never again.
  5. Being in Little Rock, are you by any chance dealing with Everett?
  6. Just joined the forum because of this issue. March 21, I purchased a 2014 Silverado LT Doublecab with 87,500 miles on it. Salesman told me that it needed a condenser and it would be $1400 and it would take three days to get it done. No problem, $1400 added to price of truck Picked up truck March 24, nice and shiny, ready to go. Salesman handed me the keys. I drove off. First couple of days it was very cool out, so no need for air. But third day it was warm, so I turned on the air. It blew hot. Went back to dealer, talked to salesman. "Oh, didn't service dept tell you the condenser was on back order?" Long story short, it's been 9 weeks today since I bought truck, and when I called dealership today, same story: it's still on back order. My previous Silverados, a 2002 and a 2006, were excellent trucks that I put a whole lot of miles on (250,000 on the '02 before I traded it). But right now, I don't know that I am too pleased with GM or the dealership where I bought the truck. It's a known issue and they are trying to act like this is the first time it's ever happened and they just don't know why it's still on back order. This is a terrible first post, I know, but I drive 70 miles round trip to work and having no air really sucks.
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