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  1. Yeah, driving to work usually puts about 400 miles a week on it, then all the other personal driving I do with it racks up more. I just love driving this thing. Sometimes I even take it out on sales calls, instead of the company pickup, because its much more enjoyable. - P
  2. Today I rolled 20K on the truck. Back this last fall I had a puncture in the front drivers side tire while hunting........ The patch job came apart on a long drive this month. I went to Les Schwab, and they couldn't repair the patch again. They told me that the tires that are put on these trucks, P255's, from the factory are an odd size. They went to put the spare on and told me that even though the spare is fullsize, its actually a little bigger than the other tires, and that it even has labels on the sidewall that say "temporary use only". So, I ended up buying one new tire that matched the same size as the stock. Just though it was interesting to hear this information. They told me that having two different size tires on the same axle has the potential to cause bad wear on the ring gear and pinion. - P
  3. Interesting comment you made about people that have had problems with the 8 speed transmission...... Anything in particular? Congrats on the 13K miles.
  4. Installed the tonneau cover yesterday. I like it alot more than my Truxmart that I had on my F-250 before this truck. This one is made by Stampede. I shall see how it holds up. Its pretty darn cold here, so the bumps in the cover probably wont go away until it warms up. I have been trying to not pass 7K on the intervals. I am usually at 6% by then.
  5. On Friday I bought a soft tri-fold tonneau cover for the truck. Got it on a special that a certain website was having.
  6. I am happy I have the air dam off. Now I am looking at doing the 1.50" wheel spacers......
  7. Took the truck in last weekend for the second oil change. Been doing just a hair over 7K miles per oil change. I have been going by the percentage indicator instead by per miles. Hit 15K today on my way to work. Been nice still not having to use my tools for repairs!!! - Preston
  8. Hey Mike,

    I was wondering if you could take a look at this thread:

    My pictures that I posted have massively duplicated, and it happened right after the website/forum update. Any way you could fix it? 

    Thanks - Preston

  9. This weekend I completed some "mods" to truck. Nothing to significant, just cosmetics. Before the Step Boards: After Step Boards installed: Then I decided to use the black vinyl I purchased to black out the Bowties: Lastly, I decided to take of the air dam. This is something I was considering for a while, but finally did it. Here is a completed photo: Thanks - Preston
  10. Haha, I will 11K on my way home tonight. Whats up with the mutliple copies of my pictures in my posts? It wasn't like that before they updated the site?????
  11. I hit 10K miles on Tuesday. No complaints so far. Scratches have happened off roading has been a pleasure it is comfortable for long trips at 60 mph on flat ground I can average 28-30 mpg's. I have popped the front drivers side tire I am still happy that I bought tis truck and not the 1500. - PRESTON
  12. Well, I am just about ready to hit 9K miles. I cancelled the extended warranty I purchased on the truck. I read the fine print and found out that the truck has to have oil changes done every 5k to keep the engine in warranty for that company. So I saved myself $3K and they should be crediting me back soon. I can't remember if I have already stated this, but there seems to be a little annoying rattle on the drivers side defrost vent. It really only shows itself when the paved roads are a little rough. I am not letting it bother me anymore. Oh yeah, the truck seems to lean a little bit. You can only tell if you look at the rear of it, and you can see it lean towards the drivers side. Weird, it has done this since new. Thanks - P
  13. Thanks for the info, I can't remember if I had it in Tow/Haul when I was pulling that trailer. I just hit 7,600 miles. I took the boys hunting last weekend, and drove through some pretty rough trails. Trees, branches and sticks hit the paint and left some little scratches. Oh well.......
  14. Well, today I hit 7K miles on the truck. My oil percentage was at 7% so i have an appointment for my first oil change tomorrow at the Chevy dealer.
  15. Drove in the mountains this last weekend.
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