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  1. Drove a 2017 Suburban all day on a detail. Was excited to try it out and see just how much better it drove than my 2017 Silverado CC. I was surprised to find the ride -not a bit- smoother than my Silverado. I actually found the Suburban to have more vibration i.e. Less smooth at around 80mph. Of course it was a rental and had 26k on the odometer compared to my measly 3.5k....but still, I was expecting more out of that expensive ass ride!
  2. I've noticed this too. Never really thought about blowing the system out with air off....feel kind of dumb now! Makes perfect sense.
  3. Chrome bumpers, front trim....color matched door handles and mirror caps.
  4. On Star is a joke...

    I'm sure this has been said before, but I got a letter from them today stating my free trial is running out and I better act fast! Which sparked my annoyance immediately. ;) How is On Star not considered outdated -already?- with smart phones, AAA etc...what purpose on this earth does paying a premium to have a middle man (or woman) on the phone with you accomplish? My rant is over....however, I am willing to listen if someone has a legitimate defense for their case.
  5. Always liked the 4runners. Almost bought one over my '17 Silverado.
  6. Insurance?

    Progressive has been good to me. Switched from Geico and got a much better rate. Been happy so far. YMMV.
  7. Never understood leaving firearms in vehicles...keep it always on my person....however, in my vehicle, folding utility knife, Surefire light, aspirin, jumpers, tape, bungee straps....duty bag, call out bag.
  8. I'm 5'9" stock 2017 Z71 crew cab....I ride with my driver seat all the way in the UP position. No running boards. I want to add the driver assist handle as I believe it would help me from NOT sliding in or out of my seat as much as I do now...causing pre mature wear...JMHO.
  9. Awesome. That'd be great! Not looking forward to removing it again however! On the other hand, I wonder if there is any negative impact on just leaving it how it is....on constant, as long as the truck is running?
  10. Everything was plug and play except: I cut the 12v outlet wires leading to the rear center console plug from the center console wiring harness. I then cut the plug off of the jump seat rear 12v connector and spliced the wires. While I was connecting the two, very simple, color match, and I only did this because the rear plug on the center console is almost impossible to get to, I just added the wires to my splice job from the center console light, positive to positive, negative to negative. Everything else was plug and play. Granted my front USB ports don't work and only one 12v up front works using the existing plug from the lower dash. I was going to splice the second into the first, but I don't really need it and was running out of time. It was actually quite easy. And this is coming from a guy who knows absolutely nothing about electrical/wiring.
  11. It seems to stay on even with the lid closed when truck is running. I spliced it in with the rear 12v outlet. There doesn't seem to be a switch anywhere, so I'm not sure if this is how it works on a truck with the center console outfitted stock? I hope it isn't an issue with it running all the time (while truck is on).
  12. Here's a quick shot. All installed. Didn't do anything fancy, 12v, 110v up front work, everything under lid works, spliced rear 12v into jump seat harness, along with the center compartment light. May go back and jump other front 12v into the one next to it, but I can't see myself using all of that....just kinda bugs me it and the front USB ports don't work. Also, yeah I was relieved once it was bolted down how secure it feels without the front bracket. Seems very solid. Happy so far!
  13. Mine didn't seem to come with the front bracket.....hm. Going to install anyway and see how secure the front is without it. If it is bad, I'll order one and tear it down again.

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