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  1. So I just got a 2017 gmc 1500 elevation addition truck that will be used to tow a 4000 boat setup. I'm planning on leaving for a trip next week and only will have around 700 miles on it. Do you see an issue with towing 800 mile round trip mostly highway through some mountains with low mileage. The breakin in says don't tow for first 500 and keep under 50mph. Under towing says first 500 towing keep under 50mph also. I don't see that being realistic. Have been on highway for some short runs (25miles a few times). Last truck f150 never did any of this and never had an issue in 12 years I owned it. It's a 5.3 with 3.42 rear end. Think it has a transmission cooler on it. Thanks for the info guys
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