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  1. Very good info, thank you for sharing! I am adding Icons to the consideration list even though the Halo lift setup is still the front runner.
  2. Codey, Thanks for the heads up on these, price point seems good but it still puts me at assembling the struts which I would like to avoid. The 2" lift with the two systems I am looking at is basically my max as I'm not looking to buy new wheels and tires to take full advantage of a higher lift plus the UCA would have to be replaced I believe once you go 2 1/2" higher. Appreciate you sharing, found some good info on the Eibach's when I searched.
  3. The time has come, I am just over 55,000 miles and I absolutely can't take the factory Rancho's any longer! I seem to have narrowed it down to the Halo Lift Boss setup or the Fox 2.0 setup, either way I will be doing both front and rear with a rear block that is undetermined to keep my current stance. Currently have a 1 1/2" lift/leveling in the front using a under strut spacer. My goal is to have a better performing shock/strut combo that simply does everything better. Pavement, gravel roads and light off-road use. Anyone that has either system in place, please share your thoughts! I have performed countless searches and read a ton of threads, saw a couple issues with the Fox 2.0 setup in the past but nothing really reported recently. Haven't seen anything negative about the Halo setup but seems too good to be true lol Not interested in the Bilsteins, don't want the hassle of switching out the factory strut and reusing the factory spring setup, just want to be able to remove and replace with a solid unit ready to install. Thanks in advance for any and all feedback.
  4. Great post, looking at making a move on these thanks to your details and impressions! I did want to ask if you used the spacers in the rear for additional lift or if you just installed the rear shocks by themselves?
  5. High-flow Cat

    AFE makes a direct fit replacement that replaces entire Y-pipe with 2 new high flow cats, will most likely throw a code so be prepared to tune if it does. It is very expensive btw, not worth cost per gain IMO.
  6. Bilstein shocks thread

    I have waited well over a year (like many others) and still no 6112’s! my Rancho’s are done at 35K miles and I will be purchasing something to replace them this month. Looks like I might have to look elswhere other than Bilstein?
  7. I am at 28K miles and just started to have the shudder/vibration when accelerating lightly under 1500 rpm's, even chugs a little when taking off from a stop with light acceleration. Hoping my regular dealership doesn't give me a hard time and will work with me on resolution. I love the truck but will only keep it if I am able to continue enjoying driving it!
  8. Bilstein shocks thread

    Thank you for the update! What other rear shock would you recommend with the 6112's up front? Maybe the 5100 rear shocks?
  9. I did the 1 1/2" Motofab under front shock spacer on my truck and my neighbors, install is super easy as already mentioned. I have 1" rake now, exactly what I was looking for.
  10. I hear ya there!! Dave Steck did all my tuning in the past, I'm sure your aware that he moved to TX but I know he offers remote tuning as long as the person has access to HP Tuners or knows someone that does. There is a local guy named Jake Batz that is a bit of an unknown, he is good with NA applications but I'm not sure if he has the experience with tuning transmissions? I will reach out to him to see what he says and let you know. Have a great 4th!
  11. I know you posted this a while back....If you would like to pm me I should be able to get you a couple names of people locally that can potentially help you if your still interested. There isn't much difference with the two, the 1 3/4 will give a little bit more low/mid range which is what I would consider more usable with this application (truck).....if this were a car with an LS powered 6.2 like a corvette or camaro it would be 1 7/8 every time as there isn't enough of a difference not to take advantage of the few extra hp/tq in the mid/upper rpm's.
  12. Front end sag

    I just did 1.5" spacers under my front shocks yesterday (went with Motofab), very easy to do and I now only have a 1" rake instead of almost a 3" rake prior. Other than the nose riding higher I haven't really noticed any difference in the way the truck drives....Getting my alignment in a few day's.
  13. BBP Independent Intake Test Results

    AFE seemed to do the best in these test just like last time.
  14. I have a 2015 with a 6.2 and will be going with the cold air inductions kit.
  15. Seems legit, usually people do one pull, I like that they did several so we could see what appears to be real results before and after. My 6.2 would likely get the same increase if not more?

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