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  1. Glad to hear that, I did pull the trigger on the 2020 LTZ and just clicked over 3K miles yesterday!
  2. Contact Dennis Fitchner, I have bought at least 3 extended warranties from him over the last 18 years. Haven't found anyone to beat his prices and he is super easy to work with, just purchased one from him for my 2017 Z06 after deciding to keep it another 3 or 4 years. Like someone else mentioned, you have time as you can get an extended warranty anytime before the factory warranty runs out. I had 2 months left on my vette when I pulled the trigger. Dennis D Fichtner Warranty Specialist Denny Menholt Chevrolet 406-896-3082
  3. Keep us posted, I am considering trading my 2015 LTZ for a 2020 LTZ in the next week.
  4. The spacer under the strut changes the geometry and decreases ride quality, I removed mine that provided a 1 1/2” lift in the front allowing my truck an almost level look and replaced the factory Ranchos with the Billy 6112’s and installed them on the 3rd ring, this provided me with a little more than what the 1 1/2” lift spacer had given me and improved my ride greatly, better than when the truck was new. Point is, if you want more than a 1 3/4” lift my advice is to go with a different strut combo and a new upper control arm in order to properly achieve your desired height of 2.25” lift. I believe Fox, Icon and King all have options that will work nicely. King would be my choice out of the three but I desire a quality ride vs jarring my fillings out!
  5. Message them on Facebook, they seem to respond better there.
  6. Do you have magnetic ride? If you have traditional strut and springs they should work, i have a 2015 LTZ 6.2 and installed these a couple months ago with no issues. Hit battle born up on Facebook if you want a quick answer.
  7. I went with the 6112’s because it is the strut/spring combo the truck should have from the factory, just replacing stock strut and keeping factory springs will only change the ride 50%. Might as well do it once and be done! I drive the same style as you and am so glad I waited for the 6112’s, installed myself as it is a piece of cake! let me know if you have any questions or want more info? I removed my spacers when I installed the 6112’s, better geometry taking them out when running factory control arms. Put the 6112’s or 5100’s on the top ring and your at the same height up front with a better ride!
  8. The ride did improve even more after the alignment, so glad to be rid of the Ranchos and the front spacers! As you know, I went with the 3rd setting and got every bit of 1 11/2" of lift. Yes, I am running stock blocks in rear as I was looking to be closer to level. I have a 75lb sand bag in the bed, always run with that. I have right under a 1" rake with my current setup. I think you will be happy with the max setting and a 2" block in the rear if you are looking for about a 2" rake with an empty bed. That looks just like the one I rented from Advance Auto Parts, the pins won't go over the coil wire but if you set it up correctly you should be able to work with this. I believe I had mine on each side holding the second coil from the top and the second coil from the bottom, once you start to tighten be sure to tighten each side evenly and you should see the hook on the compressor "seat in" on the spring as you start to compress. I used an impact gun with my tank set around 100psi - 110psi and did not have the gun set on kill and it worked out great for me. You will basically grabbing 4 spring coils on each side iirc. I would confidently do this again, just be sure to recognize the notch in the top of the strut mount faces the engine as the bolt pattern is specific. and you want the very end of the top of the spring directly under the stud facing you.
  9. Getting the alignment done in a couple hours, I will report back after some miles!
  10. When I was getting tired of waiting I did look around at other options and admittedly looked at combo's already assembled for less of a hassle, after going through the process of taking the original equipment off and putting together the new setup and reinstalling it was pretty simple but I do have the tools for a job like this minus the spring compressor. Auto parts store charges a deposit then refunds you the majority when you return it, I ended up paying something like $5 to rent the strut spring compressor set.
  11. You have to reuse the factory top mount and isolators which means you have to take apart the factory strut to put together the new assembly with the new springs and Bilstein struts.
  12. You are correct, the 6112's come with springs labeled Bilstein, it is my understanding they are made for them by Eibach. The springs are by far a beefier spring vs stock and allow for an amazing ride coupled with the 6112 imo. If you are considering this swap, I would highly recommend. I had just over 60K miles on my Rancho's and despised them for at least 40K of those miles.
  13. Thought I would post an update - ordered Bilstein 6112's and 5100's in early April, received everything this past Friday so I decided to get right to it and proceeded to perform the swap the very next day. Installing the rear shocks was super easy, took about 45 minutes...Moved to the fronts, very simple as well. Had both assembly's out in about an hour then went to an tire and auto place to have them swap springs and struts, waited about an hour and went back home only to realize they didn't put them together properly. Decided to go to the local auto parts store and rent spring compressor and corrected each strut/spring assembly which took less than an hour. Putting the fronts back together was pretty easy, probably less than an hour. This project with proper tools is about a 3 out of 10 in difficulty for a person that has done some wrenching imo. Back story - I had spacers under the factory Rancho's to see what that would do for me height wise and I really liked the stance, they gave me an 1 1/2" lift. Sadly, I felt it made the ride even worse the longer I had them in place. Like many others, I waited and waited for the 6112's to come and almost gave up and started to look at other options. Impressions/Results - I went with the second from the top setting, my front is just about exactly where it was with the spacers so this setting gave me right around a 1 1/2" lift which made me very happy. Took the spring compressor back to the parts store and then took about a 10 mile cruise, it was immediate that I knew my patience waiting for this combo had paid off! Truck drove and rode great...Sunday wife and I went for a cruise and probably put another 25 miles on the new setup, still happy. Today was the big day, drove my route to work which takes me into the city where the streets are total sh_t! The setup was a huge improvement and passed the test, I can finally get back to enjoying my truck. Later this week I will have the alignment checked/corrected then I have a nice trip to the farm planned for this weekend where the truck will have some light off road use.
  14. I ordered 6112's beginning of this month along with 5100's for the rear, nothing has come in yet bet I will def update this thread once everything comes in and install. 6112's have to be better than the Rancho's, I will update this thread when I put mine on. I will be installing them on one below the top settings wise and will not use a spacer.
  15. Chas, Thank you for your time over the phone this afternoon discussing my project and the awesome deal on the 6112's and some 5100's for the rear of my 15 Silverado!! Looking forward to ditching the Rancho's and enjoying my truck again!! John in St. Louis
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