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  1. Interesting. I had injector #8 clog up on me after a trip to Utah in January and #5 after a 3900 mile trip through the Rockies towing a 25 ft travel trailer in April. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my service advisor at Chevrolet thought the clogged injector was caused by poor gasoline. I think it was defective components. Keep an eye on it. More may fail. All of the Chevys that I have driven have been utterly reliable.
  2. A boost in Octane rating will boost the the mpg and power from the engine. Whenever I would tow, I would go up one octane rating. Better pull, better mileage, runs a little cooler. I've done that with all my tow vehicles except my current one; it already requires premium gas so there's no where to go but down.
  3. That is why I got the 6.2L. Mileage is very good and towing ..... wow. It does well and I, too, am well pleased.
  4. With the 3.23, you lose tow rating but gain mileage. It tows just fine as long as you don't get over about 7600 lbs of tow GVWR. Mine is rated to 9,100 lbs (it's a Z71 4x4, so some reduction overall). For what I will tow now and in the future, this is just fine. Plus I use it as a commuter so it is a compromise. If I want to tow a big trailer or a 5er, I will buy a 3500 Duramax anyway. I think the big difference is between the 6-speed and 8-speed tranny. If my old Tahoe had the 8-speed, I would have seen better mileage overall and a better tow rating.
  5. That is about what I am getting with the 6.2 and 3.23 rear as an overall, lifetime average. I am getting 17.6 mpg at 25,100 miles and that includes towing a trailer for 5,000+ miles of that at 10 - 12 mpg. Typical highway mileage is 20 - 21 mpg and around town is 15 - 16 mpg. I am happy with that performance. I got similar mileage numbers with my 2014 Tahoe with a 5.3L, 6-speed and 3.42 rear except my around town mileage was 14 - 15 mpg; my lifetime average (69,000 miles) was 16.9 mpg (including towing about 7,000 miles at 8 - 9 mpg). So those numbers are definitely not out of line.
  6. See my previous response above. I am at 24000 miles and the clunk in the shift from 2nd to 1st on acceleration around a curve is pretty much gone. Personally, I think it was the change from P metric radials to LT tires that made the difference but I could be wrong. I also towed our trailer 3900 miles in April and the truck ran just fine and shifted perfectly. Is this a break in issue? Anyway, I'm glad Boomer1986 got a resolution to his problem but what an ordeal! Shame on GM.
  7. I put a hard, quad-fold tonneau cover on my Silverado and then put light-truck tires on. Mileage held at 20-22 mpg highway and 15-17 around town. The towing characteristics are what really changed significantly. The tow is easier and more stable with much reduced shimmying and tail-wagging. The best mileage I have ever gotten was 34.3 mpg running at 45 - 50 mph with a light foot down some of the local backroads around here. What's not to like!
  8. Nice! That's what I have been getting and am still getting at 23,800 miles! What's not to like?
  9. Yeah, now you have to spend a day moving all of the shrouds and pollution control stuff out of the way just to see the engine!
  10. Another thing about older cars (pre-1990) is that they had a LOT more metal in them (i.e. steel). They also weighed more and had lower horse power/torque numbers than today. I was comparing motor specifications last week and was stunned at the differences even 20 years ago. Yet we pulled trailers with them and never gave it much thought. They were a little slow on long, steep grades, but they made it. As for the odometer, I had a '76 Ford F350 Super Camper Special with a 390 V8 that I traded in at 185,000+ miles to buy a 1990 F150 Lariat 4X4. The salesman looked at the odometer (it was 5 plus 1/10 mile digits), then opened the driver door all the way and crawled face up under the dashboard. He wrote numbers down on his note pad and said "looks good". I asked him why he looked under the dashboard. He said that there is another hidden odometer that they used to verify the dashboard odometer on Ford cars an pickup trucks. Anyway, later, the 1/10 part of the odometer was dropped and it became a six-figure, full miles-only odometer.
  11. My wife has a 2014 Malibu and has 23K+ on it. It runs like a top and sits in the driveway unless we are off on vacation, when it sits in the garage. So far no problems (knock on wood). My 2017 Silverado 1500 has about the same mileage and has had to have two fuel injector assemblies replaced (both were plugged up). Both were replaced under warranty. When the check-engine light appeared, I had Onstar run a diagnostic and send me the code. I gave the codes to my service provider at the Chevrolet dealer and they showed which injectors were clogged. They were very very happy to replace them but were concerned about the quality of the gasoline I was using. I told them I only run Premium. They complained about the gasoline these days. I think it was defective parts delaminating rather than the fuel but you never know. Around here, I see new Fords and Dodges but rarely see an older one. But I see a lot of older Chevy and GMC trucks. Interesting.
  12. You might should find out what the gearing in the drive train is. I sounds like you bought an off-road truck geared for steep grades, sandy/boggy areas and impressing chicks rather than commuting and driving around town. New tires probably won't help much at all.
  13. Thanks for that. It was a major shock for us all and a very sad time. The maps on your iPhone are from Google Maps (which is nothing more than a compilation from different map sources); the maps on my iPad are from Google. Using the Apple Play on your truck should make the maps and navigation available to you. Before I had my Android set up on the truck thru Android Auto, my wife plugged her iPhone in to charge it. Apple Play immediately launched and connected her phone to the console screen. Yours should do the same thing. I'm waiting for the new heads-up display to appear. Nothing like a new distraction in the middle of your field of view to make driving more challenging than it already is for most people!
  14. Yes, indeed! Mine still does this on the highway at 65 -70 mph (105 - 113 kph) The best I ever got was 33.4 mpg traveling some back roads at 45-50 mph (72 - 80 kph). The 6.2L is awesome! I won't report the lifetime mpg number because I tow a travel trailer with it and that causes a much lower mpg number than I would get without towing. Towing a 6000 lb trailer I'm getting 11 - 15 mpg generally unless there are strong headwinds or crosswinds then it gets 9 - 11 mpg (yes I slow down).
  15. My 2014 Tahoe navy system did that to me while I was going to my kid sister's funeral back in 2016. I was driving past Madison WI looking for the I-90 bypass and the blasted thing took me right through the heart of Madison. It cost me an hour of extra drive time! Now, I only use it when I'm looking for a particular street. I updated my 2009 Tahoe nav maps and they were STILL badly out of date. My 2017 Silverado nav maps are also about 7 years out of date, so I use my Android smart phone and have the choice between Waze and Google Maps. Waze can be very annoying because it will redirect you to another route without giving you the bigger picture and a comparison of several routes, like Google. And Waze has been wrong on a couple of occasions but does warn you of hazard or the presence of police speed traps.
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