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  1. 5100's working well so far... good ride no rub and no big drop in mpg's. Added bed cover a few weeks back to keep cargo dry.
  2. Ed, your truck looks good. I went with the peaks P rated tire as there lite and has the looks of A/T.
  3. Just ordered a set of 5100's from 4 Wheel Parts @ $375.00 total to my door. I may set it at 2 .075 or 3 1.26.
  4. Looking at 5100's at this time. May go up 1" . Had truck one year now and still very happy as a driver. Not so good in the towing department even with my small 20' open trailer with tool box on front. Would never try to pull my 30' 10K boat with this. Always get out F350 DRW for towing. MPG's didn't change much if any with Falken Wildpeak A/T3W 275/60 R20 added. Just turn 20K this week.
  5. Found purple wire coming out of bottom the fuse box. Where does it go from there?
  6. I have a 2017 1500 Ops that I removed light bar a would like brake light to work again. Stop by Chevy store and no one had any idea what was unplugged. Any ideas what to do? Thanks
  7. Just put Falken Wildpeak A/T3W 275/60 R20 on my Black ops DC 4x4. No lift 100% stock with no rubbing and great ride. Now it looks like a 4x4 with the street tires removed!
  8. This weekend I removed the light bar from my ops. Son isn't happy with this as I like a nice clean look.
  9. Anyone have info on a FL dealer having a blowout sale as looking for good place to start.
  10. Looking for 17 or 18 1500 4x2 CC. What dealer has the best price and no dealer fee's? THX
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