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  1. Sounds like it is the zero throttle (coast down) 2-1 shift. As the previous poster stated, it may learn in. I feel it on my 2018 Acadia sometimes. If it doesn't improve, take it back. If they tell you it is normal, ask them to demonstrate it on another equivalent vehicle.
  2. My 2018 Acadia had the same issue almost a year ago. The dealer told me they redesigned the shifter & installed a new one. No problems since then. BTW, I posted here about that issue. -Bob
  3. Not sure what you mean "Your 2019...". I don't have a 2019. Maybe you meant: The 2019... My 2018 was delivered with a 2018 manual. But GM has the ability to modify the online 2018 manual to include what should have been in the 2018 via an errata sheets, etc. They haven't. And I wouldn't d/l a 2019 because the '19 could be a different in many areas. Thanx for pointing out the 2019 does. This proves my point that the dealer should have known about this issue, asked me about any bulb changes & there would have been no waste on anyone's part. I would have left & changed the bulbs back to incandescents.
  4. There you go assuming again. How can you be critical of others when you assume? Don't you deal in facts?? I've read some of your other posts. The 2018 Acadia manual is found online. It is a searchable PDF. Search for "aftermarket", or bulbs, or lamps. Since this is difficult for you, I'll even give you the link: https://my.gmc.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/dynamic/manuals/2018/GMC/Acadia/2018-gmc-acadia-owners-manual.pdf And if you are replacing a burned out bulb after the dealer is closed or on a weekend? Calling the dealer is asinine for a simple bulb replacement. It should be in the manual. It was in my 2008 Pontiac Torrent. It had a complete bulb chart. Now who didn't look good enough? Once again, it's not me.
  5. Show me where in the owners manual or even on a GM site the I altered my vehicle? There isn't a place in the manual that specifies the bulb, nor on any GM site for my GM vehicle. No warnings from GM about using LED bulbs anywhere for my vehicle that has LED bulbs in so many places I lost count. Amazon & Philips recommend this bulb for my vehicle. The dealer took 9 hours to figure this out. So even they didn't know better than the consumer. If the dealer Service write up guy had asked me if I made any modifications, I would have said no, because the manual & GM sites don't lead me to believe that. If they'd have asked me if I changed any bulbs, I would have said yes & then they would have said to remove them to see if the problem goes away & no expense would have occurred by anyone. That is what should have occurred. Plus GM apologized to me for the incident in a letter that accompanied the check. So no idiocy on this end or curse words needed. You are just a rude person. Or... maybe you just had a bad day?
  6. FW/EIW, I looked in the back of my Acadia's OM & found the GM number & the BBB process for dispute claim help. The GM phone number was not helpful at all. The person I talked to seemed clueless. It seems like GM (and many other companies) has contracted these customer services out to a supplier. So I was considering a small claims court claim, which would cost $30 for a claim under $600 here in Michigan. But I also saw that the OM offered the BBB process. Now I don't have a lot of faith in the BBB given their spotted history, but I thought I'd give it a try. So I filed a claim with them. I found the forms a bit cryptic to use & direct communications with BBB a bit difficult. But it started a dialogue with GM & BBB. After a lot of back & forth, I received a check from GM (not the dealer) for $397 & a letter of apology. I made a mistake on the original post as the cost was $547 (not $457). So I am still out a bit of change, but this represents about 1+ hour of troubleshooting at the dealer. I've accepted that. The BBB process does not preclude using the small claims court process in any way. I could use it to try to get the rest of my money back, but I have chosen to let it go at this point. So if you have a costly service/dealer experience, try the BBB process. It may get some/all of your money back. -Bob
  7. The BCM's are CMOS devices. So they can stay awake w/o draining the battery. Because they are awake, they can become alive if the S/W commands it & then draw current & drain the battery. The dealer should have known that. I used the BBB appeal process you can find in back of the Owners Manual & GM is refunding $400. Do you remember which LEDs you used for the Fog Lamps?
  8. Yeah, I didn't hide anything. Wouldn't do that. At the same time, I never suspected the LEDs, so didn't mention it. There are LEDs all over the Acadia as it comes from the factory. Leds hang next to the incandescents in the auto parts stores. Amazon & Philips state these bulbs work in my 2018 Acadia. But, as I said, I can not find any comment from GM on what bulbs to use. Nothing in the GM owners manual & nothing online at the GM sites. And no warnings to stick with the incandescents.
  9. My 2018 Acadia had the shifter problem back in September 2018. Sometime after that I noticed the rotary mode switch south of the shifter, would never extinguish. And if I left the vehicle parked for a few days, the battery would run down. I put my DC Clamp ammeter on a bundle of wires near the battery & saw almost 0.5A being drawn after the car sat for an hour. I took it to the GMC dealer in Ann Arbor that I bought the Acadia from & told them what I knew and they spent over 8 hours diagnosing the issue. They finally decided that it was the Philips LED bulbs I had installed in the Back Up & License illumination. Now this vehicle has been in production for 2 years & 9 months. And I know from this forum, that I am not the only guy to have done this, but it still took them 8 hours to figure it out even with GM Technical Assistance group. They replaced the LEDs with the production lamps (which are not listed in the Owner's Manual BTW) and the problem went away. So who gets to pay for this much too long effort? I did, as I installed a non factory bulb that I could not find listed in the owner's manual or on any GM site. They gave me a break on the cost (it should have been 8x$130/hr)because I think they were embarrassed over the amount of time it took as well as the idiocy of having the vehicle control module interrogate those particular bulbs while shutting down and then not shut down. BTW, I got these LED bulbs directly from Philips. I talked to the NA Philips tech assistance guy & he said they are the right replacements & he has never heard of this before. Just thought you oughta know in case you have or are considering putting LEDs in to replace incandescents. -Bob
  10. He tells me his Buick Regal only has one AGM Battery. Still, to your point, AGM's are more expensive than standard batteries. - Bob
  11. Ahhh. The answer the question with a question trick! I'll tell you, if you tell me first. What data do you have that the current AFM is unreliable? And you did not hurt my feelings. I am just trying to understand your fear. BTW, a friend of mine got a 2018 Buick with ASS (AutoStopStart) and he is like you, in that he is worried about the reliability of the system. Nothing I could say to him would convince him that the system was designed with the 98% user in mind. I, too, plan on keeping my Acadia for a long time and have no fear over AFM. My plan is to keep it for 10 years or more just like I owned my Pontiac Torrent GXP. It was still near mint when I sold it & the guy who owns it now said it has been trouble free. It only had 110k miles on it when I sold it. BTW, I kicked the butt of a new Honda Pilot the other day with my V6 Acadia.
  12. AFM (cylinder deact) is only used sparingly on my 2018 Acadia. Plus when it is activated, it is only under very light loads. So the unbalanced loads (due to V4 vs V6 operation) are also very low in comparison to heavy throttle/load conditions. I don't see any long term durability issues there. There made be a bit more duty cycle (switching components) added to the fuel & ignition system due to AFM, but again, I see no reason for concern there. I worked in Powertrain most of my career & have gone thru the "seat of the pants" analysis and don't see an issue. The Engine guys looked at the long term effects of AFM when they run the ADV plan. So maybe the OP can describe why he is worried about the long term durability of systems while having AFM active.
  13. Thanx for the post & pictures. Very helpful. I decided to install the recommended license plate bulbs. I was disappointed to find that the original bulbs already had some corrosion on one contact wire on side of the bulb. The bulb wire on one bulb had nearly corroded off. It took some doing to clean the socket contacts. I put some Noalox inside the socket & on the new bulbs. I then coated the sockets O rings with some silicone grease. Even with the effort, I am not convinced that electrical contacts are secure. I expect to have to replace the socket in the future. I hope Springhill has addressed this issue & is now including anticorrosion grease to these bulbs and sealer on the O ring. My '18 Acadia has ~12000 miles & I live in SE Michigan. -Bob
  14. Apparently there is a bulletin out on the shifter. The dealer has my car now & he tells me the shifter is broken in two areas. The shifter is either being redesigned or is already. But he has no idea how long it will be to get a new shifter assembly . Could be weeks as it is back ordered.
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