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  1. 2018 Acadia Transmission Manual Range select

    Apparently there is a bulletin out on the shifter. The dealer has my car now & he tells me the shifter is broken in two areas. The shifter is either being redesigned or is already. But he has no idea how long it will be to get a new shifter assembly . Could be weeks as it is back ordered.
  2. 2018 Acadia Transmission Manual Range select

    Low range is a Federal requirement. NHTSA would view this as a safety issue. I use it frequently (when it works). Apparently you haven't been down Mt. Haleakala or Mt. Washington. Low range is a must there. Guess you need to drive more than just 45 years. Thanx for the helpful answer.
  3. I've a 2018 GMC Acadia. It is a FWD 3.6L/6T70. Recently, I've not been able to move the shift lever to Low ranges. It was intermittent at first & today I was not able to shift it into low range at all. Wondering: if anyone else has experienced this?, Fix?, Bulletin? This is a potential safety issue. Thanx Bob
  4. I am ready to take my '18 Acadia back for a refund. The door chime is insanely loud and I am almost deaf! And yes, I have the chime volume turned all the way down on the Bose entertainment system. I have a sound level meter & plan on measuring the level. As a retired GM Engineer, I can't imagine how the GMC engineers would permit such a continued mistake. I looked thru this forum & online & this has been a constant complaint item for years. It is what we used to call a "Perennial" back when I was working. It has to be a continued and significant warranty cost to GM. I would like to contact the Acadia Chief Engineer and ask her/him what they were thinking & how do I get it fixed. I know there are bulletins out there for older vehicles. Is there a bulletin for the 2018 that I can reference when I take it back to the dealer? Thanx - Bob

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