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  1. We have the same issue. 2015 Silverado and 2017 Acadia. Both have needed warranty work and if we had only one vehicle, we would be stuck renting at our expense. Keeping two vehicles.
  2. 2017 Acadia SLT won’t shift into low range. Trans shifts fine. Any ideas?
  3. Had my vacuum pump replaced yesterday, 42k miles. Much quieter pump. Took them 45 minutes from lift to finish.
  4. Going in next week for my 3rd water pump. 2 years and 12k miles since the last one. Not a good record. Noisy bearings again.
  5. You can override this by turning on the headlights. It will stay at maximum output.
  6. There is a TSB on the vacuum pump leaking oil into the brake booster. Warranty replacement of all the parts.
  7. Wait until you pick up the trailer to buy anything. I have always got a starter kit with every RV I have bought. It will have a hose, sewer hose, pressure reg, TP and other stuff. If they don't have one in the trailer when you do your walk thru, ask for it. Also, does your truck have a factory tow package? Makes hooking up the brake controller and 12v charge line much easier.
  8. Some ideas why the Acadia is rated for 4k when the Buick and Chev are rated for 5k? Same motor, smaller frame. The new Terrain is rated for 3.5k with a puny 2.0.
  9. What does the label on the hitch tell you the rating is for tongue weight with WD?
  10. And somebody at GM now has documented proof from you that you used a tuner.......say bye bye warranty.
  11. I used dog proof screening from Joanns Fabric. Very tough stuff. Put it behind grill before trip to Alaska last year.
  12. Had mine replaced today under warranty, 24K miles. Intermittent squeak is the bearing going bad.
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