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  1. iPad dash mount?

    Sadly no shipping to Canada and not available on any Canadian retailer..
  2. Why still complain? He bought new, there was a problem, they reimbursed him 100%, what more can you ask for? 2 months to get a non-major issue on a truck resolved by a buy-back seems pretty "ok" to me. Could have been handled better but at the end of the day everything is resolved and in my opinion, what is 2 months in a lifetime? Maybe I am just very laid-back in this approach.
  3. A repurchase is a very good indication of good customer service, I am very glad everything will work out for you!
  4. I understand your frustration around the whole bed situation and everything but the dashcam video shows nothing to be mad about, How can you be bothered by a manager saying to his employee about making something done today, if I get something from it it's that he really want to make it work for you, I dont remember how many times I said those exact same words to my employees... Yes they ****ed up in the first place but as someone else say up here, this video shows nothing and should be removed.
  5. V4 mode

    I have to say in the week I had this truck I love the v4 mode, doing 24 mpg with KO2's on the highway is pretty impressive to me.
  6. New member from Canada

    First ever american-made car, traded-in my 2014 Mitsubishi mirage for this, mind I am 6'4"

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