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  1. Access Original. Worth every penny. - Have it on a 2004 2500HD since new - still have the truck. The cover still works perfect. - Had it on a 2006 1500HD for 10 years. The cover was still perfect when I sold the truck. - Tried a genuine GM roll-up cover when I bought my 2015 1500 - didn't really care for it, sold the cover after a month and put an Access Original on. - Tried a cheap one from ebay on a 2015 2500hd - It was a cheap piece of junk, hated it. Took it off and put on an Access original. These trucks are all in the extreme cold, in MN
  2. I went from stock Goodyear’s to the defender LTX M/S. Compared to the Michelin’s, the Goodyear’s suck. Michelins are quieter, they ride better, traction in the rain is a lot better and traction in the snow is a lot better. Definitely worth every penny. I’m in MN.
  3. I've done this swap 3 times now. Besides the actual jump seat, you'll need: - The front half of the floor carpet - Dash compartment 23177893 (that number is for cocoa) - 3 screws that hold the dash compartment 11609456 - Trim pieces to cover the metal brace under the dash 22817747 & 22817748 - Lower insulator 20944557 - 110 volt outlet can be taken out of the console and used in the dash compartment. Also, you'll have to remove the wiring from the console and do some splicing and connecting to the jump seat.
  4. I've got a 2004 2500HD with the 8.1L, and had it since it was brand new. It's an absolute beast for towing. Never had a single problem with it in the last 13 years, and it gets pounded on regularly. The fuel mileage is no worse than the 6.0s I've had (I've had a 2006 and a 2015 with the 6.0). When it comes to power, no 6.0 will touch it.
  5. Here’s the the Bose sub. It’s all of about 6 inches. This was under my center console until I removed the console and replaced it with a jump seat. Now it sits under the back seat. I tried it without the sub for a while but it sounds like crap without it, so I had to find a new home for it. I don’t care about the underseat storage because there’s always a car seat buckled back there and I can left the seat up. I’d rather have a better one back there but my wife says that I would just be acting like a kid if I did that and I just don’t care enough to have that battle.
  6. Settle down man! You’re taking my statement out of context and making a lot of wrong assumptions with your response. I’m a nice guy, so I apologize if I offended you.
  7. We're talking about money spent on gas, not ones entire income. Even after you've driven 100,000 miles, a 9% gain will only save you $1,200 in gas costs. The only reason I say "only" is because at what cost did you get that 9% gain? Was it from spending money on mods? Was it from avoiding having the mods that make your truck more enjoyable? Was is from hyper-mile-ing and pissing off everyone behind you? Was is from never letting your overweight friends ride with you? Etc. For any gain there's a cost - that was my original point.
  8. If you spend $500 on mods and increase your average by 2 mpg (19 up to 21), it would take you over 40,000 miles to recoup your investment. That's assuming there's mods that would actually give you that increase and that gas stays at $2.50 per gal. I to strive for better mpg, but at the end of the day the how much did I actually save by driving like a grandma? If I do the math, for me it's about .50 cents per day. Some days it's worth it, but most days I'd rather use every single one of the horses under my hood.
  9. Zero mods, 6.2L, 8 speed, 71,000 miles, lifetime average of 16.7 mpg. Mostly city driving with a VERY heavy foot. I Rarely get on the highway, but when I do it's insane how good the mileage is. My 50 mile best was at 29.5 mpg until the dealer disconnected my battery when they replaced the torque converter.
  10. I put a set of Firestones on my 2004 2500HD 13 years ago. Also did the compressor kit, dual switches and gauges, and a one gallon tank for quicker recovery. Still have the truck and still works great. Being able to adjust the pressure on the fly is worth every penny.
  11. You can also order the front half of carpeting from the dealer for around $200 (less if you know someone). Just make sure they don’t use your ViN or you’ll get another one with a bog hole in it. It pretty simple since you’ll have almost everything already removed. I’ve gone from console to jump seat before, looking to do it again if anyone has a Dune (tan) jump seat they want to trade with me.
  12. Mine works fine. Did you try going into the “Edit dashboard” menu and making sure “navigation” is checked?
  13. Need some help please im new

    Your truck has a towing capacity of 6,500 to 7,500 pounds, at the most. That trailer probably weighs somewhere between 12,000 and 18,000 pounds. No one is going to tell you that's a good idea.
  14. I went from a 1500 to a 2500HD then back to a 1500. All 3 of them where 4x4 and 2015s. It was about a 5 inch difference in height. It doesn’t seem like much, but it was a big difference climbing in and out. My wife and kids hated getting in and out of the HD. I know a lot of people like the higher look, but I prefer the stock height of the 1500, especially when loading/unloading the box.
  15. Does anyone have a Tan (Cocoa/Dune) jump seat you want to get rid of. Looking for tan leather, but would take tan cloth too.

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