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  1. I cannot answer for the back up camera but i recommend the curt adapter so you have both the 7 pin and 4 pin for a trailer. My buddy has a dodge with the putco version and it doesn’t mess up his camera so I think it’s ok but I wouldn’t put money on my assumption [emoji23] I love the lightbar though it does wonders for backing up and I chose the amber lights so it’s more noticeable and it’s just amazing.
  2. 16 Black 1500 Custom Double Cab Standard Bed 5.3L

    I don’t have those. I do want to buy them and I just saw OPT makes them so I’ll probably look into them. If I get them I’ll post in here and the main what did you do... Forum.
  3. 16 Black 1500 Custom Double Cab Standard Bed 5.3L

    Worst part was that I had to let it sit for like 2 weeks cause it happened the night before we left for s cruise then I was waiting to go to my fathers cause I thought he a suction cup but he didn’t. I had to use a 2x4 to get the big dent mostly out. I would’ve rather someone do it but what can ya do
  4. 16 Black 1500 Custom Double Cab Standard Bed 5.3L

    Maybe! That would be a nice addition if I find one. And what sidekick running light are you talking about?
  5. 16 Black 1500 Custom Double Cab Standard Bed 5.3L

    I was going to do a Chase Elliott “9” but right now I feel the price was a bit too much for a custom at $110. That was the quote I got last August before I bought the agent of shield one. Plus they weren’t doing custom at that time. But now I’m really debating on it [emoji23] but other parts are higher on the list right now
  6. Bought k&n engine (45) and cabin air filters (41) and installed this morning. Pretty simple overall
  7. $50 and under modifications

    Replaced both engine and cabin filters with the k&n filters. $41 for cabin and 45 for engine. I also bought my car. Who would think a 15 Civic si would be more for the engine filter (52) vs the truck.. very quick install though. The engine one gave me a little issue cause I couldn’t pull the old out with just 3 screws undone easily (fourth I couldn’t reach well with my screwdriver and didn’t wanna find a long one)
  8. Has anyone put a 2014/15 bumper on a 16/17? i found one for a steal compared to buying a new bumper but dont know if it has the same holes and stuff.
  9. When you take the plastic off the whole thing comes off. Here's a video of how they should do it.
  10. When I took that part off to add light switches, I took off the panel that is “touching” the door as the door is shut. Then I went from the top and bottom and popped them out. I don’t believe it’ll be much different with yours even though you have the brake controller. It should have enough slack to pull out just enough to disconnect so you/they can make the hole.
  11. 16 Black 1500 Custom Double Cab Standard Bed 5.3L

    Backed into our Range Rover that I honestly forgot was there since my sister had just gotten home from college. Luckily I got most of the dent out. It’s still a little noticeable but a helluva lot better than before. From the last 3 pics I was able to get it a little bit better too but I don’t have pictures of that.
  12. 16 Black 1500 Custom Double Cab Standard Bed 5.3L

    Great hitch covers by @Kempterkustoms on instagram! https://www.instagram.com/kempterkustoms/ I have gotten two so far and love them both. He constantly is coming out with new designs and you can even have him make a custom one for you. http://www.kempterkustoms.com/
  13. 16 Black 1500 Custom Double Cab Standard Bed 5.3L

    Couple odds and ends that I don’t have pictures for. I’ve added a speaker tool box by vertically driven products. Vdpusa.com/truck/wheel-well-storage-sound.php It has a drain plug and a separate compartment for your phone/iPod. Currently I’m using a cheap blue tooth connector to use with my phone which actually is a stronger sound than plugging directly into the cord. I did have to install a steep male plug as it only comes with two wires but plenty of length of wire at least. I have it opening into the bed since the tonneau cover won’t let me open it fully the regular way. It is a two way though so you can buy for one side and switch to the other if you want. I’ve added a CB radio but still have to actually mount the antenna since the base that was used on my dads ford (yuck) doesn’t fit the hood for my truck I have to figure something else out. I’ve added a windshield banner st 5% down about 1/3 of the way or about 1.5” lower than the line. It seems lower on be inside than the outside which is nice. I’d personally get the front tinted completely at like 50% but the guy I go to said 50 won’t do anything for the sun.
  14. 16 Black 1500 Custom Double Cab Standard Bed 5.3L

    Installed the Deezee tailgate assist which I got off of Amazon. #43102. Pretty simple install. Took about 20 min. After a few weeks thought the end kept without the bolt was popping out a bit so I added a second screw on that end to stop it. Will add another picture when I remember to take one.
  15. 16 Black 1500 Custom Double Cab Standard Bed 5.3L

    Installed a new exhaust. Flowmaster American Thunder. Bought from J&J Auto. This actually stopped (for most of the time) the truck from using the AFM and is usually only in v8 mode which I wanted anyways but was going to buy something stop it. Looking to buy black tips however for it to keep the all black look.

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