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  1. the issue is pulling them off my truck when i drive it and need it daily
  2. i agree, i'm buying a grille off a guy that works at a GM body shop and he pulled the part numbers for them. he said GM is pushing to sell complete housings instead of just the trim, but the trim is available, just can't find it in the normal parts catalog.
  3. HI all, i know we've been told for years they they are not available without buying the whole headlight, but they are. parts numbers are 23379004 23378968 i plan on ordering them in the next few weeks for my truck
  4. where in FL are you? i have a chrome front end on my 17 LT and im wanting to switch to painted
  5. if you are patient you can find them used for a good deal. i have an ARE on my 17 that i paid $600 for and painted myself. it doesn't look the best, but i have less than $800 in it. i also found one for my dads 18 a couple months ago for $300. he still needs to get it painted, but it was a steal on a $2500 ARE Z series cap
  6. the screens are super easy to replace, its 4 screws if i remember correctly. I just checking on car-part.com and there are several junkyards in Anchorage that have them for under $150
  7. Yes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. If you have a 2” block you should be fine. With the stock block it will raise the back of the truck if you pump them up prior to adding a load Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. the only reason i'm selling is because its too loud for me. i have a lot of hills around me so the truck pulls high RPM's just to keep at speed. nothing wrong with the truck or the intake, i just didn't like it.
  10. Had to dig up the instructions online to find it, but it’s the oiled filter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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