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  1. AFE Momentum HD intake 14-18 silverado

    the only reason i'm selling is because its too loud for me. i have a lot of hills around me so the truck pulls high RPM's just to keep at speed. nothing wrong with the truck or the intake, i just didn't like it.
  2. AFE Momentum HD intake 14-18 silverado

    Had to dig up the instructions online to find it, but it’s the oiled filter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Helwig helper bags

    correct part number 6018
  4. AFE Momentum HD intake 14-18 silverado

    Not sure on either, I bought it used a few weeks back. I’m just north of Atlanta Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. selling a used AFE momentum intake off my 201 silverado 5.3. Nothing wrong with it, just don't like how loud it is. new they are $450 asking $250 obo.
  6. Helwig helper bags

    Selling a set of barely used helper bags for 07-18 1500 trucks. I had them on my 17 for about 2 months before I lifted it. Asking $200 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 2016 Sierra 8" intellink and HMI with Nav

    Sold to Phil. Forgot to update the post Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Selling a used 8" screen with Red Backlighting and a 2016 HMI with Nav. I've been told this can be reprogrammed for any 14-18 truck to add nav, and carplay if you have a 14-15. Asking $400 shipped.
  9. Some of the LT trucks have a full console. i've seen them with leather and cloth. but they are tough to find. my advice is take a look at new 18's as well. the pricing on used trucks around me haven't come down at all, and the new LT's are selling for $33-36k with rebates.
  10. Truck topper help!

    it won't, i've seen a couple guys that have done this and they don't look good at all. just be patient and keep an eye out for a used one. it took me about 2 months to find one to fit my 2017 crew cab for a reasonable price
  11. sounds like the installer was terrible. I don't have much experience with Ranch, but i can tell you in the SE they are the cheapest option out there. I'm running an ARE on my truck. i have the same issues as you with the fitment on the bedsides. I ended up picking up a used topper for $600 and painting it to match. I couldn't bring myself to drop over $2k for what i wanted. i knew i wasn't going to be happy with it on the truck all the time anyway. I highly doubt they will allow you to return it. i think your best bet it to call Ranch directly and let them know your issues. if they are a half decent company they will take care of you.
  12. Questions for people with air bags

    the airlift bags i had on my old truck had the same issues. the pressure would drop quite a bit with temp change. Also make sure you cut the lines straight. if not that will cause a small leak that is almost impossible to find
  13. i did the knuckle lift. thats the only one they offer for 2wd. the directions say you have to cut the factory crossmember, but you don't
  14. I’m running the RC 5” kit on my 17. The instructions say you can to cut, but it was 100% bolt on. I’m running 295/55/20 on stock rims and have no issues. It took about 4 hours to do on jackstands in my garage.

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