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  1. Hey, I installed the Jensen head unit, PAC adapter, and rear camera shown in this link post: http://z71tahoe-suburban.com/iboard/index.php?showtopic=43937
  2. Have you run a cylinder compression or leakdown check? I chased the a P0300 code (with obvious performance issues) and it ended up being a bad lifter preventing the No. 1 valve from fulling seating. It's a $4 part but it takes some work to get in there. I've had bad plugs and plug wires that resulted in a specific code for that cylinder, but you might want to confirm you are getting consistent ignition spark (not just the presence of spark).
  3. Looks like some folks beat me to the reply about only using ATF to lube the slip yoke. Question about your rubber spacer--what was the dimension of the spacer you inserted? I'm wondering how much is enough--but not too much--to prevent binding.
  4. Hello. That appears to be a correct part number. I checked RockAuto and their recommendation is the DORMAN 924502 part. This is about $100 less than the AC Delco part. For engine and electrical components I will go with AC Delco, but I've had good experience with Dorman parts. After struggling with a roadside flat repair I cleaned/lubed the cable on my 2006 Silverado spare tire hoist and ground off the secondary latch. Using an angle grinder I didn't even have to remove the hoist from the truck. That was several years ago and there haven't been any issues with slippage. If you are having trouble removing the tire due to the latch "sticking", try placing a jack under the tire and pushing up on the rim to relieve tension on the latch. Maybe smack the holder piece a couple times with a hammer and pay out some cable from the hoist. Good luck!
  5. I applied leaf spring clamps and it didn't solve my problem with the "clunk." I've got to take a closer look at the drive train. There isn't just a clunk but a noticeable dead spot before the drive engages.
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