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  1. Vin Number Search

    Yes they did and it was very helpful......
  2. Vin Number Search

    I found the RPO codes in the glove box and looking through the grill all I see is BUGS and what to me one radiator..... But looking under the hood I see lines coming from it going to the transmission I think.... Ha ha ha
  3. Vin Number Search

    Thanks request has been sent........
  4. Vin Number Search

    well that's a bit of good news I have both KNP and KC4..... I dii go look and really could not see anything because of the guards and covers being (I am guessing) it is a Z-71.......Thanks
  5. Vin Number Search

    Thanks I am going to look right now.....
  6. Vin Number Search

    Wow that is a HUGE site. I am actually looking to see what (if any) Transmission (Engine) coolers are installed on my truck..... It is a 2017 Silverado Double Cab 1500 Z-71 4x4 6 speed with 3.08 gears. Thanks
  7. Vin Number Search

    Can I enter my vin number and find out what all my truck has? It is a 2017 Z-71 and I want to see what equipment it has.... Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply's. The hard part is not knowing exactly what I can pull. Dealers are NO HELP they say oh sure you can pull that! Even though it is 10,000#'s. You know the dealer does not care as long as they get the sale. MY plan is to test pull a friends trailer that weights 6,200#'s and at least then I will know what I can pull. Yes the test will include hills and open highway...... Thanks again
  9. Have not bought anything yet. I am looking at a Lance 1985 or 1995 Dry Weight is around 4100 on either one...... I went to my dealer and got a cost of $4,000.00 to so both front and rear gear change and we were going to bite the bullet and do it, but it turns out that GM will NOT support it and it will void my warranty......... But you know it's OK with them not supporting it it will push me to buying FORD when I am ready for a new truck. I have been a GM guy for well over 40yrs and I am very disappointed they will not support the change. (They refused to give my dealer the codes to change the speedometer and odometer) To be honest my salesman and the Service Manager were also very upset over the whole thing.....
  10. I hope I am posting this is the right spot...... How can I tell is I have one? And what temperature should it be running.... If I don't have one where can I find one I CAN install? AFTER (should I have to install one) what should the temperature be..... My truck is a 2017 Z-71 4 x 4 5.3 with a 3.08 rear end. Yes it is 3.08..... Grrrrrr Thanks
  11. Sorry if this has been covered.. I would like to go from Stock DL8's (heated and adjustable) to DPN's (heated and adjustable) that manually pull out for towing. . Can I do this without any major harness change outs etc? That's all I want. Nothing fancy..... I have 2017 Z-71 Double Cab..... Thanks for your time Sure I would love to go auto everything but right now it is not in the budget.....
  12. Thanks....... For your post
  13. Well bummer, so I have changed the trailer that work for both of us, dry it weighs 3,936 which is about a 1,400 Lbs lighter, and is very doable as far as trailers go. Not the quality we wanted but we don't really plan on doing the intents traveling we have done in the past.

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