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  1. so just finished doing mine and it works like a charm . managed to stuff a bunch of stuff back there and still close the seat . don't forget to zip tie these little buggers so they don't come off . not that its real important like before because now you can get to them . also I noticed when folding the back part down the bolt head now rubs on the plastic cover . I could see this catching it in time and messing up the cover so did a little trim work and its much better
  2. Well that does it, I’ll be doing it hopefully this weekend. Thanks truckmann for the pic on how much to cut off . Your seat stayed in place while in the seating position yea ?
  3. thought about giving this a try . as long as the seat back is still locked in enough when driving it should be ok .
  4. one of the 175 AMP ones with no nuts on like I mentioned ?
  5. I’ve made up some Anderson quick connect jumper cables . My question is where should I connect the positive cable on the battery? My guess would be one of the two middle ones with no nuts on them (top of pic) thanks
  6. can you use any of those posts for powering accessories ?
  7. has any one tried the polyurethane dash kits like B&I or Dash Kits Specialists ? wondered about the quality and if they hold up good after being on the vehicle for a while
  8. thanks , sounds just what i need i will check them out
  9. is this really as easy as it looks ? just replacing the factory jounce bumpers with these ? i have a stock 2018 2500hd and sometimes have a good weight in the bed . would like it to sit level in the back if i do slightly over load it
  10. I know right , tut . first time for a new vehicle and was disappointed in the ordering option procedure .
  11. can't speak for a newer than a 1988 1 ton (up to 90 on 1 tons) but my 6.2 diesel has no computer and that's the way I like it
  12. right o . not to bad here in SW Oklahoma but good to have in case things get nasty
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