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  1. Thought I had a lot on my '15. Just turned over 68.5k this weekend. Bought it with 36k 16mo ago, so I'm sure I'll be into the 100's in no time. Hoping to keep this one to the 10yr mark. Would put me just over 264k miles if I keep at the 2.2k mi/mo pace I'm going at now. Kept my '03 Yukon to 187k before electrical gremlins were taking longer to deal with than I had time to give it. Rest of that truck was still solid though.
  2. Do this anytime I buy a big ticket item. Take the best offer you can get while on the showroom floor, then refi with your preferred institution before the first payment is due. I get the rates and service I like from my local credit union, and the rebates offered from the big manufacturers to get you in the door. Most recently we bought my wife a new small SUV. Got over $7k off the sticker with incentives and rebates, two of which were tied to accepting the financing through Nissan. Read the fine print, had a 90 day from contract stipulation to keep the rebates.....refi'd on day 93 (90 was a Friday :D)
  3. I'm subscribing this this thread. Wife is talking campers, and I'm 6'2" tall. After a day walking around the boat/camper show this weekend I can clearly see the additional headroom in a 5th wheel being a better choice over a standard bumper pull style. There are a few companies that make them small enough to pull with a 1500.
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Thanks for the compliment. Those are 275/55/20 BFG AT K02 tires. Came on the truck when I bought it. Little stiff and heavy for my liking, but the traction is great, they look amazing, and are wearing very nicely.
  5. Thanks for the replies. This might end up being a "vanity" purchase just for the look of the 5100's. The do certainly look a good bit nicer than the 4600's. Have to see how this tax return thing works out. Wife is already talking new couch. Don't tell her I've already ordered a new bed cover
  6. I do like the look of the 5100's over the 4600's. Local 4WheelParts outlet has both in stock. $279 for the 4600's and $379 for the 5100's. For that little bit extra I'll probably go with the 5100's just for the look. If I had a money tree I'd figure out how to adapt a set of QA1 double adjustable coilovers onto the truck. Had those on a previous vehicle and dialing in the correct rebound and bound damping was awesome. Had multiple "preset's" figured out depending on what I was doing, and was able to adjust to those settings in minutes. Really cool setup, but easily 4 times the cost of some stock replacements.
  7. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    2015 Sierra SLT. Has damn near every option available. I've heard someone call it an SLT Plus, although not sure what that is. It's a very high optioned Z71 Sierra SLT for certain. Has most of the doo-dads that come on the Denali with the exception of the fancy all glass gages, no MagnaRide, and no 22's. Only option I don't have that I wish I did was the 6.2L, I searched for a month to find a black one with the 6.2 and these options and couldn't find anything within 500 miles (was trading in a TBSS that I travelled to Canada to get, and was a basket case when I got home, so the wife was VERY against me travelling to get another vehicle). This one was about 100 miles away and checked all but one box, so I brought it home. Given me about 25k miles of trouble free service so far in the 16 or so months I've had it.
  8. Awesome. Thanks for that. Now off to search for a set!
  9. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Looking ahead to warmer times......winter is dumb, come on spring!
  10. It would be true for the other engines, and in fact, already is. Typically a turbocharged engine will see larger/faster gains from tunes than their normally aspirated counterparts though. I don't think this is a rushed development, or a disaster. The circumstances under which Car and Driver tested the truck are significantly different than that which the EPA figures are derived from. If anything it shows that manufacturers are just doing what is necessary to pass the tests instead of creating real-world increases. IMO, this is a problem with the EPA testing methodolgy, NOT the manufacturers developing the wrong technology. GM doesn't answer to car and driver, but they do answer to the EPA.
  11. Came here to say this......I can't wait for the tuners to get ahold of the little 4cyl and see what is actually possible. If it's anything like the rest of the GM Ecotec 4cyl line, then the potential for a simple tune to add significant horsepower, torque and mileage is great.
  12. Does anyone have the 5100 shocks and have them set on the "stock" setting? I have no desire to level or raise the truck at all. I have a strong desire to dump the POS Rancho shocks that are entirely too stiff for this vehicle.
  13. This makes the most sense to me. I think you made the right call. Enjoy your trip! We've been doing family vacations with multiple non-related familys (neighbors), and I'm all for helping them out with alittle of this or a little of that. Carrying an extra cooler or suitcase, etc. But at some point if it starts hampering my ability to go, we draw a line and move along with our plans. Kept one family from going a few years ago, but with 2 adults, 2 kids, and a dog in the cab, a weeks worth of stuff in the bed, and the boat packed like a Uhaul trailer I was legitimately out of space. Between the other familys boat, our boat, and the cabin we had space to store/entertain the people, but not the vehicle space to get them there.
  14. Sounds like you already have it worked out, I have some questions anyway. Out of curiosity mostly. I'm curious how you are fitting (9) 450lb bikes in a 16x8 trailer. Have a picture of that setup? Seems awfully tight to me. Also if you're 11 bikes (9 in the trailer and 2 in the bed) deep into your group, how are the other 7 dudes getting where you're going? Can one of them pony up and get at truck/trailer combo setup to 1/2 the load on yours? I mean at that point you can all pool your cash, rent a 3500 14 passenger van and an enclosed trailer for all 11 bikes, split the fuel and probably still come out pretty cheap. Certainly the logistics of this level group aren't being left on just your shoulders are they?
  15. So I'm at ~65k on my '15 6L80E. Had many 4L60E's in the past, this is my first 6L80E. I would typically fill/flush at the 75k mark, and have had good success with that routine. 65k seems a touch early to me. Your suggestion would be to drop the pan, add a bung, replace the filter, and refill with Amsoil/RedLine D6? Anything else to do while I'm in there?

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