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  1. I had the same problem with my 2017 Sierra 2500 when I rented a uhaul trailer. Fuse number 15 was for traikler running lights and it was blown. Replaced it and it has been all good. Might be the same number for your truck. J
  2. I have the Locrdown one in my 2017 2500. Love it. It does take up some room but is really solid and has a little room on top that you can still put junk like napkins,pen etc. I did the four combo lock. Probably had it two years now.
  3. I have been reading and hearing all great things about the Bilstein shocks. I finally put the rears on about two months ago due to the rear end skipping over large bumps. I just put the fronts on the other day and did a round trip to Vacation house I am building with a loaded truck. NIGHT and Day ride improvement. I have to go through NYC and the roads are terrible. Also my driveway in PA is about 3/4 of a mile of unpaved rough road. Much better. Just my to cents. I have a 2017 All Terrain 2500. Those rancho shocks suck.
  4. I just put Bilstein 5100 on the rear of my 2017. Only 14300 miles on the truck and the drivers side shock did not have any extension power. Even my 12 year old son noticed the truck rides smoother. I do tow a TT with it in summer time so will be interested in if that is different. Have to order the front. I noticed some rear end skip when hitting the great NY pot holes on a turn. I don't off road , but have a remote property in PA with a long dirt driveway. Definitely an improvement.
  5. I installed these fog lights on my 2017 All Terrain and LOVE them. All stock bumper though. Just ordered a set for my 2018 Wrngler too. Great fog lights. JMO.
  6. So I went in to have seatbelt tensioner recall done and the backup camera updated so that it doesn't wash out at night with the reverse lights. About two weeks prior to this my backup camera became fuzzy/Staticky. Just a heads up to anyone that has this static problem, it was caused by a cell phone charger in the console port. Not the usb ones but the 12 volt charger port. They showed me the service bulletin and sure enough when I use the cheap CVS charger in that spot the camera gets static. Talk about an easy fix. There was tons of talk online about camera wire, moisture etc. Nope. Cheap charger. Just FYI for those with same problem. Jim
  7. Old thread I know but it helped me ick the Magnum. Thanks people.
  8. 2017 All Terrain HD. My first pickup ever, and I love it. Pulled a travel trailer for 7 Years with a Yukon xl Denali. Night and day towing. Only thing I added was the Magnum headache rack. Love it. J
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