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  1. This thread helped me so much and many fellow Volt owners were asking me how I did it, I decided to post a how-to guide (without having to scroll through this thread) as well as an FAQ section to help people find everything they need in one place: How to get the messages app on your GM Infotainment 3 system Full credit given to @Rocz3cqg who cracked the case on this one. Thank you! -Ed
  2. Thank you THANK YOU for the folks who documented this. I'm happy to report that I now have the messages app on my 2019 Volt with the infotainment 3 system. (I know it isn't a truck, but I did have a LMM Duramax for years when I had a toyhauler.) I tried calling OnStar, they were clueless. One email to [email protected] did the trick. About 2 days later I get the following email: Sounds bad.. but once I went to the app store on my infotainment screen, low and behold, the messages app was there! Yay! It was the only thing about the new infotainment system that I missed from my 2016 Volt. Again.. THANK YOU!
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