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  1. If what I read is true, they retuned the suspension on all 2020s, not just the AT4s.
  2. To Sjordan's point, this means your warranty theoretically lasts longer.
  3. If I recall correctly, the B3000 was made by Ford while the first Escape was made by Mazda.
  4. This isn't helpful for you but a Tundra would actually be cheaper for me to own, despite the worse fuel economy. That's because I can get all the features I want in a Tundra SR5, which has an MSRP of ~$50k CAD. To get the features I want in a GM, I have to go to a $65k CAD Elevation.
  5. Yeah, last time our dollar was on par with yours, a friend of mine went to the States to buy an STS-V because it was so much cheaper that way - and he worked as a car salesman!
  6. Remember that I'm in Canada. Multiply all my prices by about 0.75 for FOREX. The other 2018 SLE was looking at had an MSRP of about $60k. Dealership had marked it down to $48k and were willing to give me another $1000 off as a preferred pricing member.
  7. I would never go back to this particular dealership based on everything I saw there. My local dealership, on the other hand (which also happens to be where my company gets a bunch of our trucks from) is awesome. Largest dealership on this side of the country (or so they claim). They own both GMC and Chevy dealerships and most salesmen are able to sell both brands. I told them I definitely wasn't buying a 2019 SLE they had and they still threw the keys at me and told me to bring it back the next day. (Though maybe they were planning to strip my car and sell it for parts while I was gone. ) The only downside was them trying to convince me to buy the 2019 because they "knew" there was "no way" GM would be putting the 10 speed in any 2020s with the 5.3...
  8. I just ran another search and found a new K2 that looks like it meets all my requirements except for having a front bench seat instead of buckets, which I can live with. The only issue is it's a 36 hour drive away. Now how do I ask my local dealership to bring it in for me in such a way that they'll actually say yes instead of trying to force me into a 2020? https://www.autotrader.ca/a/gmc/sierra 1500/blainville/quebec/5_44332545_ct2003112111422972?ncse=no&showVs=1&orup=38_11_41&pc=T8H 0H2&sprx=-1
  9. Yeah, need the opportunity to do a nice long test drive. I hope next time I don't get the salesman who says "I'm not saying no but..." then proceeds to explain why he's saying no to my request for an extended test drive or whatever it is.
  10. The wife was mad at me for getting that truck I was looking at in July up to 75 mph in a 60 zone but I informed her it was a crucial part of the test.
  11. I thought about looking for a GMT-900, either a 1500 with the 5.3 or a 2500 with the 6.0, but I doubt the fuel economy would be any better than a Tundra and I don't trust others to maintain their vehicles well. Guys around here don't seem to sell their trucks until there's nothing left to repair.
  12. Since I need a new truck, any thoughts on what it would be?
  13. I did ask my local dealership to look for a 2018 Sierra or Silverado with NHT for me back in July and they claimed they were unable to find anything. Then I drove 200 miles to look at the only one I could find on this side of the country through searching the internet only to discover that it had been damaged and had $6k of body panels replaced.
  14. I'm looking to buy myself a new 1500. I'd optimistically like to keep it for ~15 years, which should be around 100k miles, given how much (little) I typically drive. Reliability/ durability/ longevity tend to be my highest priority, though capability and fuel economy are important, too. It will be a daily driver as I don't have space for three vehicles. We want to get an ultra light travel trailer - thinking somewhere in the ~24 foot range - so probably towing that a few times a year (including at least once over the Rockies each year) and hauling camping gear, propane, fuel for my dad's boat, etc. The occasional run to Home Hardware. In terms of off roading, I don't anticipate taking it anywhere I don't currently take my car. Thanks for your help/ input. This is a tough decision. I just missed the window to buy myself a new K2 with the features I wanted (e.g. NHT) and now I'm not sure if a T1 will be the best choice for me or not.
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