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  1. AT4 better value than trail boss?

    It all depends on what features you need or want. I was able to load up a Trail Boss the way I like it for $4k CAD less than an AT4 but the fanciest feature I need is heated front bucket seats. Also, some people don't like the interior colour scheme of the AT4.
  2. What is GMC thinking?

    You could come to Canada and buy a crew cab Elevation but, when I optioned one up the way I like it, it was about $20 less than an SLT similarly optioned up.
  3. really??

    I started noticing after a very biased comparison between Ford and Chevy that lied about how many body styles Ford offers and I've seen a total of 2.
  4. Six speed trans life expectancy

    What's the Z85 system and how does it differ from the Z82 that's in the NHT max trailering package?
  5. From F150 to Denali. (New member)

    I sat in a 2018 F150 and I thought there was too much space in the back seat. They should shorten the cab and extend the bed a little bit. I haven't sat in a T1 yet. Only problem with the back seat of the K2 is that the seat is too low but lengthening the cab doesn't improve that on its own.
  6. 2019 Sierra elevation crew cab?

    They recently improved the locate vehicle function on the build and price too. Shows you all the vehicles in your area (maybe up to a maximum of 50) and which features on each one are the same as your selections and which are different.
  7. How are 2019 silverado sales?

    I've seen a handful of T1s out on the road and we just brought in 2 Sierra SLEs with the 5.3 at work. Haven't had a chance to drive them yet. The F150 is definitely the most popular among half tons around here. Heavy duties seem to be more evenly split.
  8. Range Technologies

    I'm sure mileage isn't the only thing people will switch for. Capability (though probably more so in the heavy duties), price, drivability, etc. Not arguing with you, just saying you really need an all around good truck if people aren't going to be brand loyal.
  9. How are 2019 silverado sales?

    I'd be willing to take a K2 off their hands if anyone bothered to bring one in with the max tow package.
  10. 2019 Sierra elevation crew cab?

    I don't generally go in for appearance packages. If I'm going to add any more cost to these expensive machines, it's going to be for functionality.
  11. I thought I read that the turbo 4 can also drop 2 cylinders but that may not be from an official source so take with a grain of salt. I currently drive a car with a 2.4L NA I4 and I love the exhaust note, though my valves are a bit noisy. The small engine in my wife's Corolla is not more fuel efficient when I drive it because I'm impatient with the shitty 4AT and the lack of torque compared to my car and end up flooring it a lot.
  12. 2019 Sierra elevation crew cab?

    I think we're getting hosed. Elevation seems like the cheapest way to get bucket seats but you can actually get an SLT with similar options for essentially the same price.
  13. F150 Lovers on 2019 gm truck

    Also, it's interesting to me that every new truck has the notch or "lift" at the back of the rear crew cab window that I first noticed on the 2004 Frontier. The F 150 is actually the closest looking so there goes their theory of being unique.
  14. F150 Lovers on 2019 gm truck

    I was just thinking about how much better I like the square wheel wells on the K2. If GM announces that the 2020s will get tow mirrors and a 36 gallon tank, I'll probably give up my search for a new 2018 with the max trailering package. It's funny seeing these guys bash pushrods in light of the recent Super Duty announcement.
  15. Fuel filling issues

    I can't believe that a truck that can cost north of $80k CAD doesn't come with a locking gas cap.

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