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  1. What about a bucket (or composting toilet if you're fancy) and one of those toilet seats that slide into the hitch mount on your truck?
  2. This sums it up pretty well.
  3. I don't think she was all that involved in the purchase (especially since my dad was originally planning to get a standard and my mom won't drive one of those in the city, even though she knows how). However, since he was only able to find an automatic, it became my mom's car once she found out how nice it rides and how good it is on gas, especially compared to their other vehicle. But my dad also works from home so it makes more sense for the gas guzzler to sit in the garage. Also, at 65, he's probably a bit old for a mid life crisis anyway.
  4. Apparently my dad's mid life crisis car was his 2019 Hyundai Kona. He was dead set on getting one even after my brother showed him a bunch of other models that would have made more sense for him. No idea what mine would be. Lots of things I'd be interested in. Classic GM or Dodge truck like the ones I learned to drive on. Classic muscle car. 90s Japanese sports car. Modern Camaro or Corvette. Ski boat. Quad or SXS. Snowmobile. Even a kit or project car I could build myself and tinker with. Etc.
  5. What else are you supposed to use in modern trucks? No CD player. I don't have money to throw away on Sirius or unlimited data for my phone. Radio sucks. USB is all that's left.
  6. I think it's closer to 50/50 in Canada - at least that's what I've heard but I don't have any data to back it up.
  7. But if you'd bought a Chevy with the 6.2 it would have the 10 speed...
  8. Yeah, most of my issues were on my work laptop, which is crappy, and my phone, which is old. Whatever issues my wife was having on her phone seem to have gone away. I thought I was having issues on my personal computer while gaming with friends but I think the issue was with someone else's connection.
  9. I've been having issues with my internet cutting in and out a bit. May have to try calling my provider and see if they'll let me try this.
  10. I also like to keep an eye on what's going on here so I can give my brother advice about his 2019 5.3 SLT if he needs it.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate GM or anything like that. If I'd been able to find a new 2018 Sierra 1500 crew cab with NHT, that's what I'd have in my driveway. But I couldn't so I went with what I thought was the second best option.
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