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  1. Ok, thanks. Safety packages tend to get a hard pass from me. I doubt this would be worth putting up with all the other nannies that would include.
  2. 6.2L Yes or No

    Can't get the max trailering package with 3.42 rear axle ratio in the LT Trail Boss, though.
  3. Silverado or Suburban (2018)?

    I wouldn't say "avoid" but the 2014-2015 don't have good headlights on the lower tim levels (LT and lower), so if you're not going for an LTZ or higher, consider looking at a 2016-2018 (headlights upgraded in 2016) or a Sierra (which have better headlights on all trims).
  4. 2019 Transmission and Axle Ratios

    A 3.73 is $500 on a Supercrew 4x4 XLT but you can't have it with the Ecoboost and the max trailer tow package, apparently.
  5. Can this be added to lower trim levels? Included in a convenience package or anything like that?
  6. First New Blazer In

    No, that's an Equinox.
  7. 2019 Blazer - HOT OR NOT

    Looks like an Equinox to me.
  8. Do the new ones also not have locking gas tank doors like the previous edition?
  9. My brother's company is using the HDs with the 6.0 and having a lot of issues with the engines. I don't have any more details than that. GM/ Chevy HD is also ranked as the second least reliable by Consumer Reports after the Ram HD.
  10. I can only address one part of the answer but I've heard this generation of 6.0s in the HDs have a lot of problems so, from a reliability standpoint, you may want to go for a 1500 with the 6.2 if you don't want a Duramax.
  11. LS/SLE Trims?

    Don't own a Tahoe but I've been looking into them. I'm in a similar situation to S P except it's the heated seats I can't do without. I'm thinking I might save $17k and get a Silverado RST instead and also get 8 speed instead of 6 speed.
  12. Short Bed or Standard bed???

    What's stupid is they ran the sidewalk through the middle, so my 30 ft driveway is a 20 ft section and a 10 ft section, separated by the walk.
  13. Short Bed or Standard bed???

    Crew cab short box it is.
  14. Short Bed or Standard bed???

    Thanks for the input. The other issue with the crew cab standard box is that it will hang off my driveway onto the sidewalk but, since a couple of my neighbours do that, it's obviously not actually a problem.
  15. Short Bed or Standard bed???

    I'm having a similar debate but for me it's double cab standard box vs crew cab short box. I'm not really interested in trying to drive and park a crew cab standard box as I live in the city and it will be my daily. Advantage of the double cab is hauling, obviously, which is one of my two reasons for getting a truck (the other being towing). However, the wife and I are thinking of having a couple kids and I usually run errands, such as pick up groceries on the way home, so I'm thinking the crew cab might be a bit nicer for that and for our bags when we go camping in the time between when we get the truck and when we get a trailer. I would appreciate any advice or experience you guys have with both body styles. Thanks.

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