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  1. Sorry if you mentioned it before but which colour is your truck? It's awesome.
  2. I've had similar issues in the past. Did all 46 ads on the page load before you tried to hit the like button? I found I have to wait for everything to load fully before I can do anything without it getting all messed up.
  3. Yeah, premium is about a dollar a gallon (25 cents a litre) more here and we probably have the cheapest gas in the country. Diesel is about on par with premium, though; the days of cheap diesel seem to be over.
  4. You can get bucket seats with Convenience Package 1. The problems with Convenience Package 2 are the leaking rear window and all the obnoxious safety tech.
  5. Yeah, I forgot to mention that part. I guess if you want to go off roading, you're supposed to get a midsize.
  6. So everything else on the T1s has been completely redesigned from the K2s, including the windshield and the bed, but you guys think the rear window is the same? I find that hard to believe.
  7. Or how if you want to get their premium colour (army green for 2020), you have to shell out $20k extra over the base SR5 (i.e. more than a Platinum) for the TRD Pro, which is missing a lot of features for the price point.
  8. I ended up with chrome on my Tundra because the SX package that makes everything body coloured is only available in black, white or red and my wife said no red trucks.
  9. Yeah, SLE and up gets the 10 speed with the 5.3 for 2020. On the Chevy side, you have to go LT TB or HC to get that combo.
  10. I keep forgetting that Elevation was double cab only in the U.S. for 2019. In Canada, for 2019 it was actually a separate trim level, rather than an SLE appearance package and could be had in double or crew cab. I will admit, when I first looked at the Elevation, I thought it seemed stupid to spend SLT money on what's basically a glorified SLE. However, I've come to realize that I hate chrome. So if I were buying a T1 with the 5.3, I would go for an Elevation and if I went for the 6.2, I'd pick an RST.
  11. Just be aware that the Custom is really stripped down. No storage in the jump seat. No fog lights. It's fine if that's what you want in a truck but lots of guys have come on here surprised at what their Custom is missing after they bought it.
  12. If I were buying a 6.2, I'd go for the RST. But you probably can't get ACC in one of those either.
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