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  1. Family of 4 (eventually) plus dog plus spray in bed liner plus canopy plus camping gear plus travel trailer hitch weight... Yeah, 1270 lbs of payload isn't going to cut it for me in a few years, depending on how fast my kids grow and what size trailer we decide on.
  2. Weren't the 2014-2015 Silverado headlights really lousy?
  3. Like I said, I must have missed your post with your experience. Certainly I would be concerned if there was a "significant" amount of oil in the can at every check.
  4. I must have missed the part where someone confirmed that a thimble full of oil making its way through the intake manifold over the course of 5000 miles is actually a concern.
  5. Also forgot to mention that if Honda or Hyundai/ Kia made a halfton, I would definitely look at them too. Part of the reason I didn't buy a T1 was that all the stories of guys losing brakes came out right when I was shopping in November. In hindsight, the recalls in January-March sorted all that out so I could have just waited. On the other hand, if I'd waited, we'd have been into the pandemic and I would have still had no truck. So maybe everything worked out for the best.
  6. Yeah, not sure what Toyota will come up with but I've been told the second gen Tundra set the bar for the rest of the class when it came out in 2007.
  7. I probably saw your posts on Tundras.com. lol That does suck and I definitely wouldn't have bought mine if it shook like that. I also need to put a rear sway bar in mine to calm down the leaning in turns.
  8. I'm happy with mine for the most part but I'm aware of its shortcomings. Just might not be able to keep it for 15 years like I originally planned.
  9. Here's hoping for more payload, storage under the rear seats in the crewmax and a better centre console layout.
  10. My brother got about 8.5L/100 km with his 5.3 but that was on a long downhill out of north west Alberta.
  11. Someone was trying to spread the rumour that GM is dumping the 10 speed because it's unreliable.
  12. The T1 would look better if it had proper wheels and tires on it. The GMT-900 would look better if it was a little lower and got rid of the bed rails.
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