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  1. Talk me out of a Ram.

    The site where I work is mostly Ford and GM. Probably a 50/50 mix of the two brands and maybe 75% half-tons and 25% heavy duty. Honestly, I see as many (few) Tundras and Titans as Rams, with one exception. One of our contractors is still running 15 year old Cummins 2500s.
  2. People can't take a joke any more

    I can see your point and I agree to a certain extent. I think there's maybe a happy medium between saying whatever you want, regardless of how inappropriate it is, and blasting people for everything they say on the off chance that someone somewhere may be offended by it.
  3. Power brake recall Canada

    Is this only for the 2014s or all the K2s?
  4. Could you say more on the 10 speed issues, please?
  5. auto up window

    My car is the same but there are lots of vehicles that only have one position for the switch. Which group do these trucks fail into?
  6. Figured I'd revive an old thread, rather than making a new one. Sounds like Leer, Snugtop and maybe ARE are the brands to buy for canopies. Which models from each of these manufacturers do you guys like best and why (quality, features, etc.)?
  7. Why don't you buy a Tundra, then?
  8. It's also not recommended to run below a 1/4 tank to avoid damage to your fuel pump.
  9. Disappointed with 2019

    I'm also in Alberta and have only seen one AT4 so far. LT TB, RST and Denali seem to be popular personal trucks and SLE and Elevation for work (at my site, anyway). I know the TB has monotube Ranchos, which guys on here have said are better than the twin tubes that are in, for example, the RST Z71. I assume it would be similar on the GM side with the AT4 vs other trims.
  10. The more Chevys I've seen "in the wild", the more they've grown on me. They really don't look that bad going down the road with the DRLs on.
  11. Talk me out of a Ram.

    A friend of mine made this comment: you choose what you want to replace when you choose which truck you buy. Ford: electrical and engines Ram: transmissions GM: front end suspension and steering components I know which of those three sounds like the least hassle to me but, again, it's ultimately your decision.
  12. How's your fuel economy with and without AFM?
  13. Italy, Spain or France?

    Amsterdam was amazing and I don't even do drugs or solicit prostitutes. Belgium was even better but I'd never try driving there again. Only go if you're planning to get around by bus/ train/ foot.
  14. If you only were going to be allowed one truck.....

    My wife apparently refuses to drive anything other than a Corolla sedan but I'm going to try to get her into some kind of wagon/hatchback when we eventually go to replace it so we can have something with a bit more practicality and thus not need to take the truck out every time we have something to take with us.
  15. If you only were going to be allowed one truck.....

    I had a few more thoughts about question 4 in Marty's original post (about which vehicle I would choose) that I figured I'd share with you guys. What you're going to use the truck for has to play into the decision. If you're towing a 25,000 lb gooseneck every day, you probably need a one-ton, rather than a half-ton. If you need to haul around 8 people and their gear, you probably need a Suburban, rather than a pickup. If I didn't need (want) a truck, I would say my dad's 2003 Pontiac Vibe would be a good choice: New enough to have fairly decent safety features - crumple zones, ABS and airbags being the ones I care about most Old enough to have fewer computers than modern vehicles - at least it hasn't needed any software updates like the T1s Proven, dependable Toyota engine 5-speed manual transmission 47 miles per Imperial gallon highway Manual window, locks and seats The only "fancy" features it has that could be prone to breaking are power mirrors and A/C. No cruise control, no heated seats... Galvanised steel body with plastic panels around the bottom - my dad figures it will never rust Very practical due to the two-piece rear hatch, plastic interior and fold-flat seats. My dad has hauled everything he's needed for his house and to build a new shed at our lake lot in that car except for plywood (he did need to borrow my grandfather's K1500 for that, just as he had to borrow my other grandfather's V-10 F-250 to tow his travel trailer to the lake when he bought it). I've actually had to borrow it a couple times to get stuff for my house as both cars we own right now are decidedly impractical. If it had heated seats and if I didn't want to buy a pickup soon, I would have bought it when he put it up for sale a couple months ago.

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