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  1. Mid-sized truck logic?

    Easier to drive and park in the city. My friend's CCSB Colorado is the longest truck that would fit in his garage.
  2. Floor Mats for eAssist

    Why wouldn't all crew cabs have the same floor mats?
  3. I drive with the sunroof on my car open almost every day in the summer.
  4. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    I never speed but then again I have a much better understanding of risk than the average person.
  5. Trail Boss MPG Competition

    Yeah, that seems silly. Most of my stops are at relatively long lights so I'd probably leave it enabled if I had it.
  6. Trail Boss MPG Competition

    I guess that's where the auto start stop chips in to do its part for your fuel economy.
  7. Single speed transfer case

    I suspect they're trying to convince people who are on the fence to spring for the 6.2.
  8. Silverado LTZ in Red Hot

    My theory is they want you to shell out $595 for the cajun red tint coat (though it's obviously not the same colour).
  9. AT4 owners, how tall are you?

    I'm the same height as you and I can't even get into a stock K2 without running boards. I can't imagine clambering into an AT4 every day, even with assist steps. Those Tacomas are cramped. Less interior space than my compact car.
  10. Silverado vs Tundra

    My dad is both a GM and a Toyota guy and I consider myself fairly unbiased between the two. I care about reliability and don't care about a fancy interior or appearance but I am planning to buy a Sierra or Silverado for the following reasons (which are mostly related so sorry in advance for any redundancy): Better fuel economy Roughly double the payload Slightly higher GVWR Lower curb weight No max tow package on the Tundra Bigger bed Similar expected reliability for the K2 to the current Tundra (at least according to one source I read) I figure I'll give GM a chance and, if the reliability doesn't suit me, I'll switch to Toyota as long as it can tow the travel trailer I want.
  11. Ram passing Chevy proves that more people either don't understand or don't care about reliability.
  12. Tough Towing?

    I hate driving that 11% grade east of Radium in my wife's underpowered Corolla with its 4 speed automatic. I can only imagine I'll hate it more when I tackle it with a travel trailer.
  13. Something to look forward to, eh?

    I worked with two brothers; one owned a 2006 Ram and the other a 2007 Ram. The 2007 had worse rust around the rear wheels due to some insulation that was added for that year trapping water.
  14. The Great Avatar Migration.

    Better? I'll have to crop it properly next time I'm on the computer.
  15. Chevs

    Is this why the old versions are called Silverado LD?

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