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  1. So is the squeaking indicative of an issue that could be dangerous or is it just annoying?
  2. Thanks, that's what I thought. I had heard Ram started putting their version of AFM in the 6.4 in the 2500s but didn't think GM had gone that way yet.
  3. Is that because of the chip shortage? Is the 6.6 gasser supposed to have DFM?
  4. That's interesting because I talked to one guy who owned both an F150 and a Tundra. He hated the Toyota with a passion but admitted that it towed better than the Ford.
  5. Good point. I don't drive that much so I tend to run out of time on warranties, rather than miling out on them. So, given that 7 years is the longest extended warranty I've ever been offered, I assume that the other end of the tub is somewhere beyond 7 years, even on a T1.
  6. I always decline the extended warranty because they always have a time and distance limit and I'm familiar with the bathtub curve of failure.
  7. Makes sense. I never checked out a Denali because it's outside my price range. But really, if you're spending that much on a truck, what's another $500 or even $1000.
  8. Which trim were you looking at? Summit white is the basic plain white that, as far as I know, should be available on every trim.
  9. According to the build and price site, onyx blank, summit white, quicksilver metalic and cardinal red are no upcharge. That's on the Elevation trim specifically. Not sure if it varies by trim? (e.g. White Frost is only available on the top trims.)
  10. But why is that? Why would the 3.0 have different struts? Why should anything outside the engine bay be different? Does the engine weigh more, forcing them to beef up the front suspension somehow?
  11. Makes sense to me but I don't understand why this thread exists, then.
  12. What's different about the front end on diesel trucks that make them difficult to level?
  13. Why not the 4.10s from the previous gen HDs or the 4.30s out of my Tundra?
  14. Noob question: what pressure do you expect in your exhaust system?
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