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  1. Anyone have any advice on part numbers for center console for 2016 Silverado black interior. I'm afraid to pull the pin and order one and get something wrong. Is it better to do one vs other, like wireless charging and or removeable or non removeablecup holders? Ive searched one list I saw is discontinued. I would love some help or advice.
  2. Anyone installed one I've been looking to get a front and a wireless camera to watch trailers. The rosta unit seems to be same as all the rest, 5 ports instead of 4, I've looked into PAC and intellihaul. Looking for thoughts.
  3. 2016 Tungsten metallic BS

    Link to YouTube video of light bar click me
  4. 2016 Tungsten metallic BS

    Brake light, left right and turn.
  5. 2016 Tungsten metallic BS

    Light bar installed, need to wait till dark to see how it is
  6. 2016 Tungsten metallic BS

    Mounted it behind cab, drilled holes for mounting to the bed rails I made, and prepping for por15
  7. 2016 Tungsten metallic BS

    Kind of hard to tell, but in a nut shell. Between the bed rails above I took a opt 7 60 inch light bar, bought a 1x3 rectangular tube and cut a slot in it really carefully with a skill saw. Filed the ends for a taper instead of round. The light bar will shoot straight up in the tube. I welded a flat bar inside at a angle to the light hits it at a 45 and reflects straight out the back. Capped the ends off and left one side open enough to get the bar and a 3/4 square bar in. Drilled some holes for drainage. I'm hoping to mount it tomorrow to drill holes in the rails. It will sit behind the cab flush with the front of the box.
  8. How often todo you check them, I just bought a set and am hoping not to have to mess with them.
  9. Pics added, installed bag shrader and bolted them on. It snowed las night so it's little dirty. I also bought a set of dl3 mirrors this morning.
  10. Finally got around to making a set of bed rails, I'm going to make a barbet when that has a hidden light bar against the cab. I needed to make these first to get measurements. Used por15 I top coated it with a roller, the top coat is taking its sweet time to dry, if it ever dries at all. I can still put a finger nail in it. I'm planning on putting them on tomorrow. Anybody know if poor 15 top coat is softer than the regular por15 or will it dry rock hard in the next few weeks
  11. 2016 Tungsten metallic BS

    My initials are Bs, in case your wondering for pictures below. From MN, bought mine in June. Replaced a 95 Chevy I drove for 20 yrs. bought a Texas edition, rhino lined bed, step boards, installed tonnue Cover, tool box under it and found a set of 22 in ralley wheels. Did a sun tech clear sheild and tinted the Windows. So so what your looking here is a set of bed rails I welded up last saterday, I'm going to bolt them on tomorrow. Will update pics. This is the first stage, I'll be working on a led light bar behind the cab run turn brake lights.

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