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  1. I talked to OnStar and they didnt know what to do, they told me to contact my dealership.
  2. Hello, so within the onstar app it says my truck is onstar capable, but within my truck there is not onstar button...
  3. The only thing ive purchased for my truck sofar is the tonneau cover, out of convenience of keeping things covered and dry not for MPG. I was just curious because ive read forums of people getting much better MPG. I guess it could be a mixture of driving style and freeway driving possibly.
  4. haha i know that! I just got my first truck and im liking it way to much to switch back to a car. My gas mileage does not bother me, it was expected switching to a truck.. But if i chose an aftermarket cold air intake, and a new exhaust will that boost performance and mpg? or would it make it worse?
  5. My bad choice of words...I will talk to my dealership, i have to stop there today anyways because they scratched up my rims during a tire rotation. (already sick of going there/the people/the service).
  6. Hey guys, I was curious to hear what you all have done on your truck for better gas mileage and what you think the best grade of gas is to use for gas mileage. I have a 2017 Silverado custom and get about 19 average.
  7. did your nerf bars come blacked out, or is that something you did/aftermarket. Looks like i have the same ones, but chrome with black on top of the step.
  8. Thanks guys, I guess i can attempt to talk my dealership into it since it was there when i test drive it. Worth a try at least.
  9. Thank you both for responding, i will try giving customer support a call and see what they say.
  10. The build and price option on the chevy website says the Custom includes all LS features and it shows the LS having Remote Keyless Entry. There is a convenience package which i dont have. Yes, I purchased the same exact truck that I test drove. I tried confronting my dealership about it and they said "no because its a work truck model" but they could price it for me, which they never did. and its not a WT. I'm just confused on whether i was actually supposed to receive on or not. With this cold weather coming my locks have already been freezing up on me so i need to get a key fob, i just dont want to have to pay for it if i was supposed to get one when i purchased the truck.
  11. Hello, I recently got a 2017 Silverado Custom 1500 and was wondering if keyless entry is something i should have received at purchase. The truck was paired with one when i test drove it but when i received it i expected to have it but realized i only received two keys. i was curious if anyone else has this model and if it came with keyless entry or not. Thanks everyone!
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