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  1. Any updates on how to change the temp on screen from Celsius to Fahrenheit?
  2. Anyone have a price they were quoted or payed to install this set up ? Not parts just labor ?
  3. How hard is vinyl to apply ? Planning to wrap the chrome around the headlights to match the painted grill on my 14
  4. We’re you able to do this with a strut compressor or did you take it to a shop ?
  5. Headqrts66 2016 Chevy Silverado Build

    @Headqrts66 what lift size do you have the fox coilovers set to? If you adjusted them at all.
  6. Can anyone enlighten me on how to go about adjusting fox 2.5 coilovers with resi’s ?
  7. sailor9908's Silver Z71 4X4 Build

    Did you adjust your fox coil overs ? If so how did you go about it
  8. @MRT Motorsports if I order a set through you could I have you pre-set them to 2.5” of lift?
  9. Do these cognito arms work with a factory 17” wheel?
  10. Will the cognito upper control arms for the 2014 Silverado fit my truck with a 3.5” lift with factory 17 “ wheels and 33’s ? Does anyone on here have this set up ?!?! thanks
  11. Do you still have this truck and set up? And problems with the skyjacker kit ?
  12. I’m going with the 3.5 inch rough country lift with upper control arms. I’m wondering if it is worth it to go with the rough country struts or keep my stock shocks and use the spacers? O

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